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Two Favorites: Friday & Rain

I love that weekend-is-here feeling that Friday gives.

I love that let’s-slow-down feeling that rain brings.

Even as I type, it’s 80 degrees outside. What a relief from last week’s 101 degrees at 6pm!

At 6:30am, Hubs and Schäfer went to the farm. Schäfer always comes home with a full report on the pigs, chickens

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The Office: Part 2

Since I still have 2/3rds of the office left, here’s a sneak peak of what remains. Plastic boxes stacked on a chair.

The boxes, the frames, the overwhelmed coat rack… there’s so much work to do!

Lots of photo frames stacked in neat piles.

My stationary/tot school cabinet.

Hubs bike/tool

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The Office: Part 1

Despite all how energized I was to clean through the house room by room, the office has been the room I was dreading the most – probably because it needed the most attention. Over the course of several days, the office slowly came together.

Since we rent from a professor, we are blessed

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10,000 maybes

Today marks 19 months of waiting for our adopted child.

And to tell you the truth: we are feeling totally deflated.

For the past 2 months no “expedited” families (those of us living in China) have been matched. So you see, the little line that we are in hasn’t made any progress in two months.

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French, Spanish or Chinese?

NBC News reports on Chinese being taught as a foreign language in a rural Oklahoma high school.

48 hours after our blog coronary bypass

Previously, I mentioned that we’ve been getting complaints from the server we use that we’re taking up too much CPU. (It’s OK if you don’t know what CPU is. I don’t either.)

Something about our blog was using up way too much. Hubs unplugged every plugin. He changed themes. He danced a little dance around

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