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Learning the Preschool Ropes

Friday 09.25 When I arrived at the school, I walked in on an unpleasant and unnecessary scene: an assistant that I did not know nor had ever met was screaming Schäfer’s Chinese name and slamming her hands on the table to get his attention.

Yes, he was trying to grab the hand of the little

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Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption

In some rural areas, instead of levying fines for violations of China’s child policies, greedy officials took babies, which would each fetch $3,000 in adoption fees.

By Barbara Demick September 20, 2009

Original LA Times article here.

Reporting from Tianxi, China – The man from family planning liked to prowl around the mountaintop village, looking

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21 months down


Today marks 21 months of waiting for our adopted child.

Right now, we find ourselves a little confused by the new requirement for all families using non-Hague agencies to transfer to Hague agencies. We are trying to figure out if this change also includes those who live in China.

We called a well connected

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In a Jam


For those of you who think that everything we cook comes out perfect – this post is for you.

To my Mom and Grandmaw who have canned soups, sauces, jams and pickles – this post will render a great smile.

This all began when the blueberry farm offered the last harvest of the season

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Gou Wu Shopping Mall Opens!

09.26.09 In between the tourism parade and the fireworks, we walked downtown to check out the new Gou Wu Shopping Mall.

Welcome to GouWu! AKA the CBD.

I’m super excited about this Watson’s pharmacy. Watson’s is a gentle combination of Bath & Body works type products and Rite Aid convenience. There’s just enough

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10th Annual Tourism Parade 2009


We’re big fans of the Yichang Tourism Parade. We love the bands, the unique costumes and the puffy Yangtze Sturgeon walking down the street reminding us to celebrate the fact that we live so close to the Three Gorges. Lucky us!

In the midst of my parade excitement, I asked Hubs if we

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