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Hong Kong and all of its amenities


This morning I woke up to find Schäfer reading a book with his Mouse ears on. Squeak. Squeak. Today was back to medical, but knowing us, I’m sure we’ll squeeze some fun in between.

First stop, a visit with our pediatrician. Dr. Chan has been our pediatrician since Schäfer was born. Meaning, he checked on Schäfer just after delivery and we’ve seen him on a couple of other visits.

Given our lifestyle, we’ve never had one pediatrician who has given Schäfer all of his shots. We’ve gotten all the shots necessary here and there. We’ve kept up with Schäfer’s medical records.

In fact, I’m trying to create a new system for keeping up with his shots and medical history. The medical book they gave us at birth does not have enough spaces for all the shots we need.

Schäfer’s shot book is a wreck. It’s all there, but it’s not organized. I’m wanting to create a well organized document for our next kids to use. If you have something fabulous – please share!

Anyway, today we had a very informative and detailed conversation with Dr. Chan regarding Schäfer’s BCG and his positive PPD skin test which according to Dr. Chan is a good thing because it means the BCG is active. Dr. Chan was practically giddy when he gave us this good news! (He’s a big fan of the BCG. In fact, he’s the one how convinced us to give it to Schäfer at birth.)

Unfortunately the CDC reads the PPD test results differently and put Schäfer on preventive TB medicine for 9 months. As Dr. Chan so eloquently stated, “You are caught between two systems.” He and several other doctors who practice in China still confirm that though it is not standard in America, the BCG is an excellent vaccine for children living in Asia. The benefits of the BCG far outweigh the the confusing PPD results.

And with that, Schäfer got 2 more shots and 3 Thomas the Train stickers. His height was 97 centimeters and his weight was 14.8 kg. Both were in the 75 percentile.

We were so wrapped up in this conversation that I forgot to ask my main question in coming today! Thankfully, I was able to e-mail my question to Dr. Chan and his quick response eased my unnecessary concern.  We do not take excellent health care for granted – especially when it’s in English!

Do you know what makes 2 shots feel better? Taco Loco! Their BBQ pulled pork burrito and 7 layer nachos hit the spot. Next stop: my doctor’s appointment.

Here’s how I left my guys in the waiting room when I went to my doctor’s appointment. Hubs was getting acquainted with a new gadget. Schäfer was fast asleep in a much needed nap. Yes, we transferred him from the ergo to the couch with no problems. Remember, he’s still recovering from yesterday’s excursion to Disneyland.

Unfortunately, the doctor I wanted to see called in sick, but I was able to reschedule with another doctor whom I had never met before. She was great and answered all my questions. I give thanks for good health. She did encourage me to get pregnant soon as 35 is lurking. Hmmm…

Since we don’t drink coffee Starbucks isn’t normally tempting, but Hubs stopped in to see if they had chai and to our shock they did! We’ve never seen Starbucks Chai at any location in Asia. Starbucks chai has the perfect blend of spice and cardamon.

Hubs sipped his Chai while Schäfer continued his nap. After Starbucks, we rode the ferry back across the harbor for a special visit to Toys”R”Us.

This was Schäfer’s first time to Toys”R”Us and he found it quite overwhelming. He could hardly leave the Lego section. He never asked us to buy him anything. He just enjoyed looking at the toys for sale and playing with a few of the display toys.

They had a huge Thomas section.

Schäfer enjoyed watching this display TV which featured the Cars characters speaking Cantonese.

We did make one purchase because we found something we’ve been looking for – trainer chopsticks! ($34.90 HKD = $4.50 USD) They only had James and Percy available for right handed users. Much to our surprise, Schäfer selected Percy.

First Chopsticks from on Vimeo.

Trainer chopsticks have little loops for the fingers to go through in order to help the fingers hold on to the chopsticks.  Schäfer has been wanting to eat with chopsticks for quite some time, but they do take some hand coordination. We opened these at supper and Schäfer was eating with them instantly! He’s very proud to eat with chopsticks just like his Papa.

Next to Toys”R”Us is a beautiful children’s bookstore, but thankfully we did not have time to dig into their selection. I say thankfully because children’s books are my weakness.

We enjoyed our second hamburger at Triple O’s. Hubs surprised me with a Diet Dr. Pepper (who am I?) from the grocery store across the food court. He figured that it was cheaper to buy an imported canned coke than to order an extra drink from Triple O’s. Diet Dr. Pepper is my love language!

On our way out, we stopped for one of Hubs favorite drinks at Hui Lau Shan.

Hubs almost always buys their Bird’s Nest & Honey Jelly in Mango & Coconut juice.

Schäfer had to try some. Hui Lau Shan may just have another fan!



Next to Hui Lau Shan is the TST city bus terminal. We hopped on the double-decker bus for a ride back. The MTR is nice, but riding the bus is a great way to enjoy the city.

Schäfer enjoyed the front seat on the top deck of the bus for a prime view of Hong Kong.

Schäfer Rides a Double-Deck Bus from on Vimeo.

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