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Ocean Park Hong Kong


Once again, we started the day with our traditional Hong Kong breakfast: Quaker Squares. Cereal is expensive in Yichang (Isn’t it expensive everywhere?) and we definitely can’t get Quaker Squares.

This morning, I noticed the box had an interesting comment in the blue circle “Made in U.S.A. for International Sales Only”. So there you have it. Our squares are baked in cinnamon.

Today was our final day in Hong Kong. With all of our medical needs taken care of and no follow-up necessary, we headed to Ocean Park which is a local Hong Kong theme park with rides, a dolphin show, pandas and an aquarium. Once again, Schäfer was free.

Schäfer had no interest in riding any rides. All he wanted to do was drive these boats! He was satisfied with just turning the wheel!

“This looks like a pretty interesting fish.”

Riding the seal! This one didn’t move too much.

2009-09-19@11-01-17 2009-09-19@11-02-37
The jellyfish exhibit was well-done, but Schäfer wanted out because it was dark.  He’s still recovering from the Winnie-the-Pooh ride, I guess.

Before the dolphin and seal show, Hubs insisted on buying Schäfer his very first corn dog. Hubs loves a good corn dog… and these were good corn dogs.

The dolphin show… not as impressive as what we imagined, but still interesting. We liked the aquariums in Beijing and Shanghai better than the one at Ocean Park.

Once we finished that side of the park, we rode a gondola to the other side of the park.  Gondola rides seem to be our theme for the summer.

2009-09-19@13-10-57 2009-09-19@13-51-25
We had a yummy Cantonese style lunch. Then, we headed to the Panda Habitat where we saw this crocodile swimming around outside.

Nap time!

Inside the Panda Habitat, we saw this is the Red Panda also known as a “Fire Fox”.

If I was a panda, I would want to live in Hong Kong. I’m not kidding. These pandas were so well cared for. Not only did they have strategically placed bamboo, manicured lawns, and waterfall with stream, but they also had their own fresh snow. Yes, snow in Hong Kong.

Two very happy Pandas.

The goldfish exhibition. Hubs pontificates: In any normal aquarium, a goldfish exhibit would barely catch my eye. However, the goldfish exhibit at Ocean Park was world class. It was designed in the style of a Chinese apothecary. There was lots of warm lighting and wood paneling.

The varieties of goldfish were extremely well labeled. I could identify the varieties of goldfish by the time I was finished with the exhibit. There were also pieces of art and pottery with goldfish in them that were displayed along with the fish.

The exhibit was so well done I went back twice.

2009-09-19@14-09-01 2009-09-19@15-45-48
When Schäfer woke up we showed him the pandas (which he liked). Then, we went on to the children’s play area, where he practiced “driving” cars around.

2009-09-19@16-09-43 2009-09-19@16-11-51
He enjoyed meeting the parrot and owl.

The conductor hard at work.

Schäfer taking his Papa for a ride on the carousel.

Can I just take a moment to say how fun and easy this trip with Schäfer has been? No bottles. No diapers. No formula. No pack ‘n play. If he’s sleepy or tired, we just put him in the ergo and let him take a rest.  Every place we go is an exciting, new adventure.

Bonus: he’s still young enough that we don’t have to buy him train or bus tickets and he got to go to two amusement parks for free. Wow. This has been such a great trip.

Ocean Park Hong Kong from on Vimeo.

4 comments to Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • rachel w

    Hi Sandra,
    So glad you all had such a wonderful trip to HK! I could NOT believe the small amount of luggage you packed…amazing! And how fun that you got to enjoy Disneyland and Ocean Park, with Schafer for free! I have to admit some envy when you described Disneyland with no lines. This year we felt like we waited a LOT, and then the day is done so much more quickly. For the record, my girls were totally scared at the pooh ride, too, and had to be coaxed through the Mickey “movie.”

    Great adventures…thanks for sharing them with us. Great pictures, too–my girls enjoyed looking at them as well!


  • I always find it funny when y’all find very American things in China and they don’t have them here in England. Our minister’s family here has a house in Orlando, and they usually spend about 3 weeks there each summer (for about the past 10 years). This year they came home and on the car ride home they asked me what a corn dog was. How could anybody not know what a corn dog was–one of my favourite nights at Walt’s?!?! But reading your post made me think…I don’t know if Silas has ever had one, and if so he wouldn’t remember because it would have been over 3 yrs ago if he did. This will definitely have to go on the list of to do’s for next summer when we go home.

    • You should definitely be keeping a list of everything you want to introduce the boys to while in America. I’d say corn dogs should be near the top!

      When we were at Disney, I kept thinking that Schäfer would love a Thomas the Train theme park. I looked on-line and found one in Japan (yeah!) and one in England. Have you guys had a chance to visit?

  • Laura

    Oh how I love Quaker Squares, and miss them so. Looks like a blast in Hong Kong. I am also now officially considering an ergo after seeing Schafer take his nape so comfortably.

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