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Toys “R” Us Hong Kong

The thing about Hong Kong is that you can find just about anything, but the price might shock you into buyers remorse.

I have no clue what the price of these items are in the states. So I’ll let you be the judge if Hong Kong is way more expensive than America or if the prices are reasonable.

I’ve calculated all of the Hong Kong Dollar princes into US Dollars since I know most of you do not keep a currency convertor on your desktop.

(I keep six currencies in my convertor. Hubs keeps 10.)

2009-09-18@17-26-52 2009-09-18@17-31-40
Melissa & Doug chunky puzzle
$99.90 HKD = $12.89 USD

Crayola window markers
$54.90 HKD = $7.08 USD

2009-09-18@17-38-54 2009-09-18@17-39-02
Thomas the Tank Engine
$95.90HKD = $12.37 USD

“Spencer” Train
$149.90HKD = $19.34

Within the Toys”R”Us there is a Babys”R”Us. I don’t dare venture in because I’m still trying to recover from the last time I went to a Babys”R”Us in America. I am still incredibly overwhelmed when I think about all that baby stuff.

Back to shopping.

2009-09-18@17-28-58 2009-09-18@17-29-32
Little Golden Book $35 HKD = $4.52 USD
Imaginarium Alphabet $69.90 = $9.02 USD

Hot Wheels $14.90 HKD = $1.92 USD
Blokus $297.90 = $38.44 USD

2009-09-18@17-58-38 2009-09-18@18-11-29
Pez $25.90 = $3.34 USD
Crayola 8 markers $49.90 =$6.44 USD

Monopoly $199.90 HKD = $25.79 USD

Like I said, you can find anything here… but the price might leave your wallet anemic.

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