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Pumpkin Carving 2009

On 10.27, we were out for a walk in the neighborhood when we came across this Nai Nai who had 2 big pumpkins. What a rare find! We weren’t planning on carving a pumpkin this year, but once I saw it, I knew we had to carve it. Total price: 6rmb ($1).

Since Chinese people only buy a portion at a time, every person I saw that evening asked me how in the world we were going to eat all that pumpkin. While the kids played at the playground, Yuan Ye’s Mom encouraged me to just leave to pumpkin sitting on a bench. “Nobody wants that much pumpkin!”

Schäfer loved carrying the pumpkin around, but he did feel that it was more “ball” than “vegetable” so it was occasionally tossed onto the pavement a couple of times. Thankfully, no harm was done.

On 10.29, we finally sat down and carved the pumpkin.

We talked about taking the yuckies out and putting the light in.

Hubs did the carving and had a rapt audience.


Hubs pry’s the cut parts out.

With a little assistance, our little pumpkin does the lighting.


Happy Halloween/Harvest Festival/Reformation Day!

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