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San Xia Ren Jia 三峡人家

At 7:30am on Saturday morning, we headed to the boat docks with friends in search of adventure.

Before we even got to the boat, Schäfer was already having a great time!

This boat was taking many a passenger up the Yangtze to several tourist spots.

Of course, we can’t be around this many people from Yichang without Hubs running into someone he knows. The Yichang Hiking club was taking off for a two day hike. One of the hikers also rides in a bike club and recognized Hubs.

Schäfer loved looking at all the boats floating and being built.

Hubs and Schäfer pretty much stayed this way for 2.5 hours while we made our way up the Yangtze. Our final destination was the San Xia Ren Jia or “Home of the Three Gorges People”.

The people of the Three Gorges were excellent at navigating these river boats through the Yangtze rapids.

Fried fish are a common local snack.

Of course, tea eggs are always available.

The weather was perfect. In fact, I’d say it might have hit in the 80’s. We were all in too many layers.

This scenic spot represents life in the quiet Three Gorges as it once was.

A traditional Yangtze River boat.

A Yangtze boat with a fishing net. In the back are additional bamboo fishing nets reaching out from the river bank.

One of the many canyon streams emptying into the Yangtze.

Schäfer enjoyed the view from Papa’s height.

The end of the canyon had several small waterfalls. Gorgeous!

Trekkin’ with Papa!

The band was playing in preparation of a marriage ceremony performance.

Beautiful minority Tu Jia ladies sang traditional wedding songs.

The groom was a “volunteer” from the audience. (I think they originally wanted to select Hubs, but with some artful dodging he escaped the selection.) The bride was a local Tu Jia woman.

At the end of their “ceremony” they shared a shot of bijiu (liquor), but instead of drinking it they brought it to Hubs and I to drink. At first I thought, “It’s 11:30am, surely this is water.” I asked and they confirmed that it was liquor. Then, they offered it to Schäfer! We politely declined.

Sandra sits in a traditional chair which was used on the wedding day to transport the bride to the groom’s house.

The end of the canyon emptying into the Yangtze.

While at San Xia Ren Jia, we also hiked through the Shadow Play Cave. Who doesn’t love dark spaces with Christmas lights?

Since the last time Hubs visited San Xia Ren Jia, they have added this Ba minority fortress. Hubs has doubts as to the authenticity. Either way, today King Ba welcomed us in his home.

In the upper room of the fortress, these two gentleman were playing traditional Chinese instruments. We sat down and stayed a while.

Chinese Traditional Instruments with Karaoke from on Vimeo.

Eventually, Schäfer was invited to play along with them.

San Xia Ren Jia’s claim to fame is this rock, often seen in photos of the Three Gorges. It’s supposed to look like Teng Ren the Buddhist monk from the “Journey to the West.”

While waiting for the boat back downstream, Hubs and Schäfer skipped rocks on the Yangtze.

The boat ride back to Yichang took a mere 45 minutes thanks to the current. We sat on wooden stools on the upper deck so we could watch the sleepy river villages pass by.

What a great adventure on the Yangtze.

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