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Snow in November


According to our outdoor thermometer, it’s 40 degrees outside.

According to the internet, it’s 32 degrees outside.

I can’t recall the temperatures ever being this low in November.
A coat. Yes.
Layers. Yes.
Snow? Never.

Imagine our surprise, when we saw snow flurries outside our windows.

Schäfer and I went in search of snow. The flurries weren’t sticking, but we could see them fall from the sky.

Schäfer loved looking for snow.

While we were outside, a friend called and asked if I could pick up some potatoes.

Unfortunately, the only street seller (a farmer who carries his vegetables to the city and sells them on a small tarp) with potatoes was in a hot debate with a Nai Nai.

Apparently, the street seller wanted 2 mao more (3 cents) for the radishes. Nai Nai flat out refused to pay more. To her, the price was already settled and now the street seller was upping the ante.

She grabbed the radishes and tried to walk away. He chased her and took the radishes back.

She walked over to this tarp and grabbed two more radishes. He jerked them out of her hands. Meanwhile, she’s all up in his face screaming (not pleasant to see or hear) and he had his hand back like he was about to slap her (oh my).

They yelled like this for maybe a minute before Nai Nai gave him 1 mao. Then, she went back up in his face (truly, not wise) and continued in her yelling. Eventually, two other Nai Nai’s backed her down and she walked away with the 2 radishes.

I walked up and picked out 5 potatoes.

Street seller: 2.5 yuan (37 cents)
Me: OK!

I handed him 2.5 yuan in exact change. I didn’t barter because I felt like this farmer had endured enough bartering for one day. Plus, I was so cold and ready to get home.

He handed me the potatoes.

Then, he gave me 3 mao back!

I was overwhelmed by his generosity in giving me the best, local price.

2 comments to Snow in November

  • nanamaw

    We are still wearing shorts and sandals…high today 70…Fri night maybe 33…A little good will goes a long way…Good to hear from ya’ll. I look at clouds that look heavy and dark and think snow, but its still too warm…nanamaw.

  • Fliss

    I would LOVE to have some cool weather right now… send some this way…

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