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The Kneeling Chair

Back in my bachelor days, I bought a chair. Not just any old office chair, but an authentic kneeling chair from Norway. The price for a new chair at the time ($370+) was extravagant for my Starbucks barista salary. So, I did some searching and found a second-hand chair on eBay for around $70. I think it was a 1980’s model. Soon, I was putting it together in the men’s dorm and enjoying good posture while typing research papers.

Shorel in Our Apartment
Here’s the chair in our first apartment. May 2004.

I loved that chair and was sad that we didn’t have room to pack it along when we moved to China. It sat in storage for four years, until December 2008. This time around, we packed the chair.

Yes, we brought a chair to China.

By then the fabric, already quite used, was in need of replacing along with the foam. Once we were back in Yichang, I brought the chair downtown, picked out my fabric, and had it reupholstered pretty inexpensively.

02.28.09 The old foam. Yes, I got my money’s worth out of it.

I imagine these bystanders were all coveting my newly reupholstered kneeling chair pieces.

With the burnt orange fabric and disintegrating foam replaced, I went home to put it together.

Soon, I was sitting happily with good posture again!

2 comments to The Kneeling Chair

  • Donna

    Oh man, I use to have one of these chairs in lab. And I’ve thought of that chair in recent days too! Man, you think I can find one here?

  • nanamaw

    Shorel, I used one of those typing address labels for Uncle Robey at MSU…it was very comfortable and my “seat” didn’t get tired since I could slip onto my knees and give “it” a break…Dianne

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