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2009 Year in Review

traveled to U of Idaho • sledding at Farragut State Park • built a snowman at Grandma Huckleberry’s house • off to California • ate In-N-Out with Kristen • visited CBU friends • ate In-N-Out with Bruce and Erin • back to Idaho for final supply shopping • goodbyes • hopped on a plane Asia bound

enduring lots of changes • celebrated Lantern Festival • moved Schäfer from the crib to the big boy bed • Schäfer is happy to be reunited with The Lotus Pond Gang • Hubs is happy to be reunited with the bike clubs • found a wonderful Ayi to play with Schäfer in Chinese and help me around the house • Hubs discovered a dairy nearby • began pasteurizing our own milk and making yogurt

workers completed taking down the moldy wallpaper in 2 bedrooms • ordered Schäfer’s bike off • enjoying playing outside with neighborhood kids • Lotus Pond Gang traveled to the island for the first time • took the dinosaurs swimming in the sink • made playdough • started looking into preschool options • made our first cheese • Hubs and I slipped away to Beijing to notarize adoption paperwork • while in Beijing I enjoyed a perfect hot chocolate at a German bakery • played outside in the rain • planted our herb seeds • completed medical updates for adoption paperwork • enjoyed peach blossoms and felt that Spring was on its way

purchased a soy milk maker • saw that Walmart was coming to town • played at Jump Zone • everyone visited the farm and bought fresh milk • Hubs took a personal retreat • buzzed Schäfer’s long winter hair away for hot weather • 1st visit to the Yichang Zoo which now has a seal show • celebrated Easter with several egg dying parties • ate our first block of homemade cheese • moved seedlings to pots • traveled to Beijing to turn in updated adoption paperwork for new 1-700A • walked around Olympic venues including Bird’s Nest and Water Cube • climbed the rugged JinShanLing part of the Great Wall with Schäfer in the Ergo • picked fresh strawberries at farm • said goodbye to buddy MiLe

Hubs competed in 1st bike race at WuDangShan • bought Sandra a bicycle • began family bike rides • celebrated Mother’s Day • Sandra began to systematically clean through the house • Hubs was certified to teach a Red Cross curriculum • potty trained Schäfer in 3 days • made dumplings with friends for Dragon Boat Festival • listened to frogs in the lotus pond

Celebrated Children’s Day • found a new indoor sand box play area with air conditioning • buzzed off Schäfer’s hair for summer heat • made a quick trip to Wuhan where Hubs and Schäfer had a great time swimming in the hotel pool • celebrated our 7th anniversary • celebrated Father’s Day • hosted American students on a culture exchange • found blueberries

swam in the campus pool • play dates at the sandbox and zoo • a visit from Sandra’s BFF • celebrated Hubs birthday • experienced a total eclipse • stocked up on blueberries • said a very emotional goodbye to friends

ate blueberry pie • climbed Mt. Moji • went on family vacation at ZhangJiaJie National Park and scenic FengHuang • Schäfer passed his medical exam for preschool

1st day of preschool • traveled to Hong Kong for dentist and doctor appointments • visited Disneyland Hong Kong • on our way home stopped in Guangzhou to see Aimee from college who was adopting baby Deacon • enjoyed the Yichang International Tourism Parade • worked on letters a, b and c

had 10 days national holiday in honor of China’s 60th National Day and Mid-Autum Festival • at the local zoo Schäfer had his photo taken with MiMi the seal • Schäfer wore his Thomas overalls to Rong Rong’s 2nd birthday • ate his first tang hu lu • traveled to Nanchang to assist a friend’s adoption • saw Nanchang University where Sandra taught English 10 years ago! • orange groves are ripe for the harvest • Schäfer’s preschool had a crab dance competition • Schäfer loves wearing his lion costume • actually found a pumpkin to carve for Halloween

enjoyed flying our kite by the Yangtze • visited San Xia Ren Jia • visited local Chinese Sturgeon Museum • Schäfer had a mild case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease • Jie JIe came to live with us for seven days • it snowed! • traveled to Shanghai • picked up a turkey on our way home • turkey is too big for oven • had a duck roaster cook the turkey • spent a delicious Thanksgiving meal with friends

found a Christmas tree • perfected hot chocolate from scratch • celebrated Sandra’s birthday • hosted 10 Christmas parties • received our adoption referral • signed paperwork to adopt a 7 month old girl in Jiangxi • celebrated Schäfer’s birthday

and many more special memories that we hold close to our hearts

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