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December Daily :: 31 :: so long 2009

At 9am Schäfer’s school hosted an End of the Year Carnival. After his morning exercises, he was super excited about playing games with Mommy and Papa.

The first game we played was “find your child”. They covered the kids in sheets, moved them around, then allowed the parents to turn around and find their child. So fun! (See video below.)

Then, we played this trash can game where Schäfer tossed bean bags into the basket.

Next, we played a game where you had to roll this foam down the line to  a parent and the parent had to roll it back. Schäfer loved this and didn’t want anyone to help him.

I jumped to Schäfer and then he jumped back to the starting line.

He loved jumping.

He wanted to do the foam roller again.

I tried to roll it back, but my hair was completely in the way. It kept getting caught under my knees. Ouch!

Good times.

The guys stand in line for prizes.

Schäfer is at the age where any little toy is very exciting. His teachers also had 4 steamed baozi prepared for all the children to take home as a snack. What a great way to end 2009!

Once home, Schäfer wanted to read his Tonka books – in his dump ruck, of course!

This afternoon, we had a play date with Rong Rong at Jump Zone.

This evening, Hubs found time to start editing our Christmas 2009 video. We have such a smooth system for organizing, editing and uploading photos, but video… oh my. It’s a goal. Dare I say resolution?

We went to bed at an early hour. Tomorrow we’re going mountain climbing! I can’t wait for all that awaits in 2010.

Preschool Carnival from on Vimeo.

5 comments to December Daily :: 31 :: so long 2009

  • Charley Pitchford

    Great photos….wish we could come and see you guys!!!!

  • jdavis2

    what a wonderful ending to 2009! btw: sandra you look absolutely beautiful… even if your hair does get caugh under your knees!
    love ya girl!
    p.s. still waiting for the unveiling of mei mei’s name! 😉

  • Rach@InHisHands

    Wow, that looks like such a fun party! The sheet game was adorable! You’re little guy is getting SO big!

  • Angela

    I LOVE the expressions on your face in the pictures of you and your little guy playing together – such joy!

    Yes, Gretchen’s hair is a little red like Rooke’s. Not quite as orange, but at least strawberry blonde. She looks just like he did at birth.

    How dare you suggest that Rooke is ready to start potty training?! =) Now I’m forced to really think about it . . . may I request you as my personal potty-training coach when the time begins? I loved your account of the adventure-in-training.

    • Girl, I not suggesting that you potty train unless you and Rooke are ready! Goodness knows with wee Gretchen, you may want to hold off. According to three day potty training, the best time is 18-24 months. Since we were driving around 15 states during that time, we waited until we were back in China and settled before we even attempted potty training. Our little guy was 28 months when we started potty training in three days and it was pretty much text book. I’m glad we waited. He definitely had interest in the potty at 24 months. At that time we started offering the potty before/after bath, etc. just to get him familiar with the process.

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