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Celebrating one week together!

Sianna woke up very hungry at 6:30am. Then, she took at cat nap from 7:15am -8am. Nice.

We were out the door by 9:15am. We had a lunch date at the yummy La Dolce Vita on ShaMian Island. (We agreed on the location before we moved hotels.)

Sianna’s not such a big fan of the

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Saturday: Free Day

Since today is Saturday, we have no official adoption business to complete. Our next appointment is at the U.S. Consulate on Monday.

On this lovely Saturday morning, we loaded up a taxi and changed hotels. Once we were all settled in, I got to work on getting Sianna down for sleep. During this adoption adventure,

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Guangzhou Hotels: Yes. That would be the plural.

Originally, we stayed at the “Guangzhou Youth Hostel” 180rmb/night ($26.37). The room was very clean.

Hubs and I now “synchronize sleep” in a small bed so Schäfer can have his own bed.

The shower and toilet shared a tight space.

Schäfer wanted to sleep in this “boat”. Once we put a thick

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Guangzhou: Medical & Passport Photo Day

We were up at 8am and doing our best to get out of the hotel because the drilling sound was scaring Sianna. Unfortunately, our hotel forgot to mention that they were completely remodeling. Actually, they forgot to mention that the entire island was remodeling in honor of Guangzhou hosting the 16th annual Asian Games in

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So long windy Nanchang. Hello balmy Guangzhou.

Today Sianna:

laughed and gave big smiles as she watched Schäfer leap from bed to bed – a little before breakfast entertainment. willingly laughed and played with Hubs. (She’s now willing to let him hold her as long as I’m in the room.) looked at toys for a few minutes while I move around the

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Gift Giving during Adoption

We were advised to prepare one gift for the orphanage director and 6-8 small gifts to give to assistants and new friends along the way. We decided to give gifts the Chinese way: local food.

For the orphanage representative we gave: QingJiang fish, TuJia snacks, SanXia tea, Shenong honey – all famous products from

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