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Mommy Mobile


After a very long, rainy Spring, Hubs finally had time to go down to the bike shop and get the parts to put on Schäfer’s new bike seat.

Introducing the Mommy Mobile. You might have a mini-van or an SUV. I’ve got 2 wheels perfect for 2 kids.

We’re never quite

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Doorway Recycling

One aspect of living in China that we really enjoy is how easy it is to recycle. There is no separating different bottles into different colored bins, driving an hour to a specialized recycling center in the next county over, and so on…

Here, many people make their living looking for recyclables. Not only that,

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Chinglish #86

At the Nanchang train station, we purchased our tickets from the “exigence ticket office”.

Forever Family Weekend in Nanchang

04.23 – 04.25 On Friday afternoon, we hoped on the train to Nanchang. Hubs had some work to do. The kids and I were excited to be traveling with him.

Sianna loves to play with my face or hands during milk time.

Schäfer loves to travel because he gets to watch Thomas on

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Preschool Happenings

HOMEWORK Yep. In China, homework apparently starts at 3.

04.09.10 On Friday, Schäfer’s teachers informed me that he had homework. When I saw the paper in his backpack, I wasn’t too concerned. We let him cut and tape and offered help when asked.

He was quite pleased with his paper megaphone. On Monday

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before/after + 3 things we’d do differently

before after

The drawers on the left side are still not quite straight because the wood from the factory is not straight. Hubs needs to take each drawer apart and saw down the pieces then reattach the outside molding. At this point, it’s a LOW priority.

Right now, I’m satisfied with the closets.

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