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Two in Tow


Our plans after the Expo were for Sianna and I to return to JiuJiang while Hubs and Schäfer continued to host the engineers on one additional hydro power excursion. With all of Hubs travels, Schäfer has been missing his Papa so much. We decided that since this trip only involved hosting, Schäfer was old

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Shanghai World Expo 2010

05.26 – 05.27.10

This summer, we hosted a group of engineer students from America. During their stay, they expressed an interest in riding the Maglev train in Shanghai. Not only were they engineers, but they were engineers of the civil variety. That necessitated a visit to the World Expo, which was displaying some of the

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Down, but not out.


On Tuesday (05.11), I pulled a muscle in my back.

Thus, I’ve basically been lying in bed ever since.

Wednesday was pretty much insane. I cried from the pain. Hubs had to help me out of bed and to the bathroom. Am I 94 or 34? Not sure. I figured Hubs and I would

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Mother’s Day 2010


Giving thanks for these precious two.

We had a full house this morning with many friend’s over for Sunday brunch and fellowship. The only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was to take some photos of me with the kids (I’m usually the one taking photos) and to eat out

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Rainy Friday & Saturday

05.07 – 05.08.10

When Schäfer comes home from school at 11:30am, the first thing he wants to do is have a snack and then play.

He arrives at school at 8:30am. During the Parent’s Day, I learned that their mid-morning snack is only soy milk. So, for our little guy who has eaten every

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Ying Cai Kindergarten Parent’s Day


When the teacher told me Friday was Parent’s Day, I wasn’t too concerned. We’ve been pretty happy with Ying Cai Kindergarten. There have been some issues, but no preschool is perfect. So, I attended Parent’s Day in my usual relaxed mode – Sianna in tow.

The first thing I noticed was that

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