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Down, but not out.


On Tuesday (05.11), I pulled a muscle in my back.

Thus, I’ve basically been lying in bed ever since.

Wednesday was pretty much insane. I cried from the pain. Hubs had to help me out of bed and to the bathroom. Am I 94 or 34? Not sure. I figured Hubs and I would have “those years” together, but I never imagined them to come so quickly.

At one point, I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “If someone offered me a Vicodin I’d take it.” Then, I reminded him that I managed 28 hours of natural childbirth with an effaced child. I have a high pain tolerance.

Two Vicotin?

Yes, please.

So I’ve tried to think of my lying around in bed as a mini-vacation. I’ve listened to Hubs slay the laundry monster, win the battle with the dishes and cook several gourmet meals which had Schäfer saying, “More eggplant please!” No wonder they warn that depression is linked with back pain. Hubs is a better at managing the home front than I am!

Lying around in bed hasn’t exactly been a personal retreat. I can hardly move from left to right. During the first 48 hours my legs had 6 spasms and shot themselves into a ball shooting extreme pain in my back which lead to a lot of yelling at 4am. Hubs moved Sianna to the office to sleep as I was so obviously disturbing her.

As I lay on my left side and my right side and typing with one hand, I’ve been trying to catch up on this blog. A while back, we had a new friend write to ask me if there was a transmission delay between China and Canada because she kept getting my posts 2 weeks late. Umm…no delay in transmission…just one very busy Mommy.

Even though I could do very little, I tried to help with Sianna.

I enjoyed playing with her. She would sit on the bed with a pile of toys for well over an hour. I also read books to Schäfer, but had to be very careful as he is quite the wiggle worm.

Three days after pulling a muscle, I was finally able to walk to the living room by myself without screaming. I’ve never seen such a beautiful mess.

Epilogue: It took a solid 7 days of bed rest until my back was finally able to slowly move around the house. Two weeks after pulling a muscle, I was back to normal. We still don’t know how I pulled a muscle.

8 comments to Down, but not out.

  • Ilene Crites

    Been there, done that. It more than likely can and will re occur. Encourage you to research the issue with your back and have a strategy in place.Thinking about you and your family here in SF.

  • Laura

    Enjoy your blog!
    I once pulled a muscle in my lower back-
    never have I been in such pain. Anyway, after
    several weeks I went to the doctor who told me that most unexplained muscle issues in the back happen while you are sleeping. You may be having a particularly “movement filled” dream, and move suddenly while still asleep, and because your body and muscles are relaxed the sudden movement can cause muscle pulls or “tears”. He prescribed bedrest- it worked- and sounds like it worked for you. That was about 20 years ago, and I have never had a repeat (something I was worried about). Anyway, just thought you might want to hear what a doctor once told me.
    Your children are beautiful- such a nice life you have!

    Laura from Arizona

    • Well this is interesting! I don’t know if I did anything during the night. I felt the pain during the late afternoon. By evening, I could hardly walk. I’m so relieved to know that you haven’t had a repeat experience. I, too, am worried that I will somehow pull the same muscle again.

  • Ana

    Oh, sweet Sandra! I can’t imagine the pain and also not being able to get around for 7 days with your two kiddos! Must have been the longest 7 days of your life! Have you ever tried acupuncture? It has worked magically for me with back pain and also wrist pain. Glad Shorel was superdad and that you’re all better now (and back to blogging!) I’ve missed you!!

  • jdavis2

    oh friend! that sounds absolutely horrible! i am so, so sorry. but so, so grateful for your epilogue and the fact that you’re feeling better. whew!

  • Diane Jackson Stuart

    Sorry to hear about it, it makes it hard. We'll be thinking of you.

  • Carma

    Find a massage therapist, girl. 🙂

  • My goodness, Sandra! I’m so sorry! If I lived closer I’d be by to offer some help with the house and kids or dinner or something!

    Lane did something similar to his back one Christmas break, and he was in a LOT of pain (and did take pain meds!). I was at the preschool for the Christmas party when he called and in a very strained voice asked if I could come home asap because he’d fallen by the sink and finally crawled back to the couch in terrible pain. He didn’t know how/what he did to hurt himself either. It hasn’t happened again, thank goodness!

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