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Baby #3 at 16 weeks

06.24.10 At four months pregnant, I’m still able to wear Sianna in the Ergo. It’s not completely uncomfortable. On this evening, we were going out for supper and Schäfer wanted to bring Raffe in his “Ergo”.

06.24.10 That’s a mighty fine Ergo!

06.30.10 – baby #3 at 16 weeks My girlfriend snapped

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Manly Moments

This is my manly post. Where I had a few manly days doing manly things.

06.21.10 Schäfer and I were ready to eat an entire package of Reeses Bars. It was a prepackaged mix that we thought was quite small. However, it was so incredibly sweet that it took quite a few days to

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I’m not perfectly organized: The Office

Just keeping it real.

The cabinets we purchased did not seem to miraculously store everything we have. Also, I find their squared off shape to be challenging.

I seem to be in this constant battle between: I need a place to put stuff so I can minimize. I need to minimize so that I

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Jingdezhen Quick Trip

06.24.10 Jingdezhen is the Porcelain Capital of China. In fact, it was originally where you bought China in China. We made a quick trip there with friends on this rainy June day.

We wanted to see the Ceramics History Museum, but the old one was closed and the new one had not yet opened.


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Father’s Day 2010

After a big Sunday brunch and a busy Sunday afternoon, we decided to have a simple Father’s Day celebration. We went out for dinner at a new-to-us restaurant.

This was my first Father’s Day as a father of two! What a wonderful fatherhood it has been!

The restaurant wasn’t too bad. We

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Lu Shan: Day 2

About 100 year ago, Lushan was a world renowned resort. Here’s the history in short: A foreign guy manages to buy a bunch of land on top of the mountain and then sub-leases/sells subdivisions to various foreign organizations and governments in order for them to build summer villas. Thus when you start walking through the

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