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Great Value like you’ve never known


Shopping in our local Walmart can give a familiar feeling:

  • Someone greets us upon entering.
  • We can watch for falling prices.
  • There’s an abundance of yellow smiley faces.
  • The Great Value brand is generally cheaper.
  • The aisles are wide and well lit.

Then, the familiar feeling fades. After all, this is Walmart in the People’s Republic of China.

Here are some Great Value products that may not be available in your local Walmart:

2009-12-08@10-16-04 2009-12-04@18-59-04
peanut milk                                                                   instant noodles kimchi flavor

Chinese bean curd chunk                                       Sterilized lactic acid bacteria beverage

2009-12-04@18-55-04 2009-12-08@10-18-21
Flavored Duck Kidney                              Juicy Mini Sausage

2009-12-08@10-19-34 2009-12-08@10-20-31
Shredded Squid                                 Hot and Spicy Beef Granules

2009-12-08@10-27-05 2009-12-08@10-18-44
Pea Flour Cake                                          Flavored Duck Tongue

Eight Treasure Tea                                      Apple Vinegar Drink

Let us know if there’s anything you need!

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