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Looks Good Enough to Eat

Looks great doesn’t it? Don’t take a bite. It’s fake. All of it. Dozens of well lit displays of finely crafted dishes and plastic ingredients.

Actually, for expats like myself, it’s a great way to order food. Many times when I’m reading menus I’m trying to figure out what a dish named “Peacock Chases the Red Dragon” might consist of.

Here, I just point to various plates which are cooked into wonderful dishes. No “mysterious name” surprises.

It’s refreshing to get exactly what I think I’m ordering.

4 comments to Looks Good Enough to Eat

  • Victoria

    So, why the plastic wrap? I guess it would be too realistic and less appealing if flies were landing on the food. Reminds me of one of my favourite Hani dishes – Mayi pa shu or “Ants climbing up a Tree!”

  • jdavis2

    ha! ha! so true! hate not knowing what a dish is because the name seems to have nothing to do with the dish itself! btw: wouldn’t those plastic ingredients be a fun addition to a kiddy kitchen!?! 🙂

  • Christina

    I need a place like that…I can stare all I want and not have to worry about being tempted!

  • BrianandVictoria

    One of my favourite dishes is called "Ants Climbing up a Tree." YUM! Ok, very ingenious although pictures work fine for me, too.

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