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Tolkien Weekend: Born of Hope & Isildur

It’s the weekend! In celebration of the upcoming “Hobbit” movies (filming starts in February 2011), being directed by Peter Jackson, how about a break from all things China?
Be warned. I’m about to get all Middle Earth on you.
If you don’t know it already, I am a fan of J.R. Tolkien – the author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. One day, I stumbled across this movie done by a independent filming company.  For a fan movie, it’s really not bad! I thought I’d share it in case there are other fans out there lurking this website.
Get your bag of popcorn, box of Mike-n-Ikes, a Coke and  enjoy tonight’s feature film: Born of Hope.
[Warning: it’s rated PG due to lots of nasty orcs getting chopped.]


Bonus! For all my fellow Tolkien fans out there, I stumbled across this piece of fan fiction on the Kindle website one day. I think I paid a couple dollars for it. Alas, when I went back to search for it, it was no longer available on Amazon. Maybe, it has to do something with copyright. 😉 Nevertheless, it is available for free on the internet. It’s called Isildur, written by Brian K. Crawford. It’s a well written work about Isildur’s rise and fall. A fantastic read!
It is a little difficult to find now, but you can download it here. (For Kindle owners, download it and send it to your Kindle convert email address to convert it into Kindle format.) Or you can read it online here. Happy reading!

Bonus #2: I haven’t seen it yet, but I just ran across another fan movie, The Hunt for Gollum.

2 comments to Tolkien Weekend: Born of Hope & Isildur

  • Growing up when I read ‘The Hobbit’ in High School… I always thought it would be an awesome movie to see… though done by someone independent, no big actors (or if there were, they were good ones), a good film maker… then low and behold… along came ‘Lord Of The Rings’ many years later… though made by a big producer I loved it all the same, have all 3 DVD’s and now I want to watch them all again… but a movie ‘The Hobbit’… I am SO there… thanks for the tip… and then you have ‘The Hunt for Gollum’… ummmm… have to check it out…

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