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Dairy Adventures Continue: Buttermilk

When we first moved to JiuJiang, Hubs met Farmer Hu while on a bike ride. Farmer Hu lived out in the countryside. He had about 6 milk cows. His price on milk was excellent (3rmb/liter), but the problem was that he had to borrow a car to deliver fresh milk to our home. Sometimes he

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Baby #3 at 37 weeks

First, a few photos from November…

11.03.10 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant The conversation went something like this: me: Hubs can you take an everyday life shot of me in the kitchen with my big prego belly? he: Sure, but the apron kind of hides your belly.

11.07.10 34 weeks and 2

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Nesting: Our Family Cookbook

There’s a small space beside the microwave that holds all my cookbooks. For a while now, I’ve been printing off recipes and placing them in the blue binder.

(Hubs: Where they’ve been growing like bowl of rising bread dough.)

Whenever I needed a recipe, I just grabbed it from the blue binder (the

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Black Friday 2010

We had a simple Black Friday this year.

No rushing from store to store. (At 37 weeks pregnant, I can hardly rush anywhere.)

No on-line shopping.

Schäfer went to preschool.

Hubs and I made phone calls home because Friday morning in China is Thursday evening in America.

We all enjoyed leftovers for lunch.

Most importantly,

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Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

We woke up at 6:30am hoping to enjoy a nice warm shower and a little bit of quiet before waking the kids. Oh well. They were both already awake. I dressed the kids in their warm room while Hubs donned his selected flannel of the day. Thankfully,

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Twas the Night Before Turkey

We give thanks for the pumpkin loaf that is in the oven.

Whew. What a week… and it’s only Wednesday.

On Sunday our helper requested a 2 month leave of absence due to the death of her father. It was quite a surprise – especially considering how much I needed her help as I

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