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Baby #3 at 37 weeks

First, a few photos from November…

33 weeks and 5 days pregnant
The conversation went something like this:
me: Hubs can you take an everyday life shot of me in the kitchen with my big prego belly?
he: Sure, but the apron kind of hides your belly.

34 weeks and 2 days pregnant

I love this shot of me talking to the kids. So natural.

One evening, Schäfer asked that we all wear hats to “surprise Papa!” So when Hubs came home, we all looked like this. I love this photo of me and my little ones. For ten short months, it’s been about life with two kids. Before we know it, everything will change again as we welcome #3.

Tonight, I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Hubs and I finally started talking about names. No final decisions yet.

Remember when I wrote that I needed another 4 months to get everything done. Well, I’m now absolutely so uncomfortable and so tired that I do not want to carry this baby internally for another 4 months.

Since I’m so tired, I can’t get most of my remaining projects done. Hubs has asked me to just let go of some of the organizing I wanted to do. He’s right. It can wait.

After Shi Ayi stopped helping us, I mounted up a great speech and convinced Hubs that I could handle it. After all, we’ll be traveling to deliver the baby soon. Well, after one week of that reality (I can hardly bend over much less stand at the sink for 1.5 hours to wash dishes) Hubs called Lu Ayi. It was a necessary call.

Lu doesn’t live near us, but her heart is just like ours. She’s offered to come help this week before we leave to give birth. I have been so thankful. She washes the dishes and mops the floors. I keep asking her to go home, but she keeps finding other things to do. I cannot express how much she has blessed our family.

I’ve had an insane sinus infection for over 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I could not taste any food on Thanksgiving Day, but I did my best to enjoy the different textures.

A couple of days ago, I had a fever of 100.1, but it went away on its own after a 3 hour afternoon nap and a bedtime of 8:30pm. Five extra hours of sleep can really make a difference.

Other big news…
We’ve decided to give birth in QingDao. Huh?

A friend told us about their friend who has friends who are in the states in December so an apartment is available. Sounds crazy? Well, it was. And it is. Ultimately, three locations looked possible, but QingDao was the best option.

Even tonight, I was telling Hubs that one of the big differences between this go around and the last was that I had so much confidence in our natural birth doctor and the hospital we would be delivering in. This time, we haven’t visited the hospital much less found a natural birth doctor. I’m asking that this will all come together.

11 comments to Baby #3 at 37 weeks

  • You look great, Sandra! I’m thinking of you guys as you wait for baby #3. I can’t believe it’s time!

  • Time

    Sandra – you are absolutely glowing – great pics!

  • Rachel W

    I’m so glad, glad, glad to hear this news…first that you got some help in the kitchen, and second that you are going to QD! I hope to come and see you; we do have a busy December planned but I’d love to make the trip, it’s not that far!

    You are going to be fine even without seeing the hospital/meeting the doctor. The Lord will help you! And, if there’s anything I can do to help prepare you, give me a call or email, I’d be so glad to pass on more details of my experience in case you were interested.

    Thinking of you today,

  • Kat

    I am so glad you have a helper! I hope you all have a safe trip .. soo excited about the new addition..
    Love to all, Hopefully talk to you soon 😉

  • Fliss

    This is so exciting 🙂

  • Eden

    You look absolutely beautiful, Sandra! We can’t wait to hear about and see pictures of the new little one! Thinking of you!

  • I’m not sure if you remember me, but we met a loooong time ago at Strawberry in SF. We were good friends with the Butlers, Lees and Humphreys. You’d probably remember my husband Fred better.

    Anyway, I’ve been following your blog for some time now and we have some friends in Qingdao where you’re going to deliver.

    I thought I’d pass it along in case it could be helpful for you.

    Good luck with the delivery and I can’t wait to see pictures!

  • Irene

    you are a beautiful organized pregnant mama!

  • First of all, you look darling. Secondly, have you graduated to a new fleece? Methinks I saw a purple fleece on Sandra… 😀

    • Definitely just a purple shirt, but I did comment tonight that it might (just might) be time for a new fleece since Sianna’s nose bleeds have pretty stained my original orange fleece from ’97. That’s 13 years of warmth. Since you are an expert, what color should I move to? I’m thinking burnt pumpkin, but some shade of green would not be too far off the radar.

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