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Black Friday 2010

We had a simple Black Friday this year.

No rushing from store to store. (At 37 weeks pregnant, I can hardly rush anywhere.)

No on-line shopping.

Schäfer went to preschool.

Hubs and I made phone calls home because Friday morning in China is Thursday evening in America.

We all enjoyed leftovers for lunch.

Most importantly, we cranked up the Christmas music.

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 4.06.22 PM
The first thing Hubs and I both wanted to hear was Chris Tomlin’s Glory In The Highest. We like to buy a new Christmas CD each year, but I thanks to and I think we’re going to hold off this year. Why buy when you can listen for free?

Schäfer particularly enjoys Grooveshark because we can set it to play every version of the Little Drummer Boy that was ever recorded.

Hubs and I finally made some decisions on when we are leaving for the birth. He called to purchase Schäfer’s ticket which could not be done on-line. Of course, if Hubs or I are sitting down our lap will always be occupied by Sianna.

Schäfer had a great morning at preschool. He and Hubs read a few books before nap time.

Sianna was woken early by the drilling downstairs. We enjoyed some snuggle time.

2010-11-26@16-40-52 2010-11-26@16-42-05
Afternoon snack was pumpkin pie!

For supper we ate… leftovers! Nobody complained – though Schäfer did try to negotiate for more sweet potato casserole instead of eating his green beans. The negotiations failed.

This evening, Sianna joined in for books before heading off to bed.

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