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Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Happy Thanksgiving 2010

We woke up at 6:30am hoping to enjoy a nice warm shower and a little bit of quiet before waking the kids. Oh well. They were both already awake. I dressed the kids in their warm room while Hubs donned his selected flannel of the day. Thankfully, we were out the door by 7:15am – right on schedule.

We even had a few minutes to spare before our speed train took off at 8:10am. Of course, Schäfer asked for an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine while we waited.

Once on the train, we settled our family into a nice, quiet car with just a few other passengers. On this speed train, the seats are rarely completely sold so we can sit wherever we like.

Sianna would prefer not to sit anywhere. There’s so much exploring to do!

She was so happy to be out and about. Who doesn’t enjoy walking at 250km/hour?

Our entire family was so happy to be celebrating Sianna’s first thanksgiving!

I can’t believe that a year ago I hadn’t even met her.

We arrived at our hostess’s home by 9:30am – just in time to help prepare the final dishes. We gave thanks for the spread that everyone contributed to.

This was Schäfer’s first time since August to play with “foreign kids”. He enjoyed every minute of it.

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Everything was provided including a delicious turkey, name cards for arranged seating, and a kids table – complete with chocolate milk.

I couldn’t tell if Schäfer was more excited about eating cranberry sauce or watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. In the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special, Charlie Brown doesn’t have any cranberries. So Schäfer was especially thankful for getting some on his plate.

Sianna had an early lunch and milk at 12:15. To my surprise, she went down without any problems. I had planned on holding her all day, but she transitioned to the bed for a nice 1.5 hour nap. I was hoping for her usual 3 hour nap, but I think the party was just too loud. Once she woke, she ate a few bites, but mostly snuggled with me. The house was filled with unfamiliar faces. This was also her first time in months to hear anyone speak English besides Mommy and Papa.

Before we knew it, we were rushing to the train station to catch the 5 o’clock back home. The entire day slipped by before I realized we didn’t get a single family photo. I guess we were so busy playing, cooking, and talking that the camera was set aside. Thankfully, Hubs used his long arms to snap this memory: our little family of four so thankful to be together.

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