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Twas the Night Before Turkey

We give thanks for the pumpkin loaf that is in the oven.

Whew. What a week… and it’s only Wednesday.

On Sunday our helper requested a 2 month leave of absence due to the death of her father. It was quite a surprise – especially considering how much I needed her help as I had planned on spending most of the week preparing for Thanksgiving.

Also on Sunday afternoon, Schäfer tossed the covers back after his nap time. I didn’t know that Hubs had turned on the electric blanket for Schäfer. By the evening, there was quite the toasted smell coming from our bedroom. Have no fear, nothing was on fire, but it did seem like a piece of toast was ready to eat. Unfortunately, that toasted smell went into our sheets, thick velvet blanket, and down comforter. We’re still airing our bedding outside.

Then, the kids and I got sick. I have no clue how Hubs avoids all sinus issues whatsoever.  Both of the kids have an easy gag reflux so their deep cough caused Schäfer to throw up in our bed during afternoon rest and Sianna threw up in her bed just before nighttime sleep. Good times.

We called the agency for another helper. They found someone who wanted the standard price for the time until I have the baby. Then they wanted 2000rmb/month (this is triple the standard price) for when I “zuo yue zi” which literally translates: To Sit A Month.

It is a very common Chinese tradition that the woman should not get out of bed for one month after she has a baby. She’s not even allowed to take a bath. I explained to the agency that I would be about the same before and after the baby. The household duties would not change. They thought I was crazy and asked for my husband to give them a call.

Thankfully, today, everyone’s health is on the mend.  Sianna’s fever left and has not returned for a couple of days. I know that she’s returning to normal because she’s back to screaming anytime I do anything except hold her. When she was sick, she sat lethargically on the couch with her bunny and watched me move around the house cleaning.

Schäfer still has a slight cough, but nothing serious.

I am still so congested that I can’t taste any food. I can only hope that these Thanksgiving dishes are turning out correctly.

Of course, Hubs is perfectly healthy. (Hubs: It’s the homemade yogurt.)

Today when I picked Schäfer up from school, I told his teacher that he wouldn’t be coming to school tomorrow because it’s Thanksgiving. During lunch, I received a phone call from his head teacher. She wanted me to drop by the school today for a short meeting so we could plan an activity for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. Suddenly, the school wanted to have a performance from 5-5:30pm tomorrow evening. I explained that I was cooking all day (literally 12 hours) and tomorrow we would be traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends so we would miss the performance. She seemed to understand.

For lunch we had a delicious cream of mushroom soup with Amish white bread. It was super easy to put together. Hubs and the kids all gave the recipe a big thumbs up. A doubled batch provided enough for lunch and for the green bean casserole.

We spent the rest of the evening cooking.

Enjoying an uninterrupted time in the kitchen was only made possible thanks to the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. I’d like to give a big kudos for their historically accurate Mayflower episode.

For the first time, we made our own marshmallow topping for the sweet potato casserole. YUM.

Tomorrow, we’re transporting:

Dear me, I’m tired just looking at that list! Or maybe I’m a little hungry…

Long after the kids were suppose to be asleep, I went into their room to lay out clothes for tomorrow. (We have to leave the house at 7:15am to catch the 8am train headed south.) Schäfer woke up, looked at me and said, “Mommy, my tummy is rumbling!” Bless his heart. He’s been eying those big buttermilk fantails all evening.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to good food, good fellowship and taking an entire day just to be thankful.

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