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Xin Hu Sports Competition


On Sunday, Schäfer’s preschool had a sports competition.

Schäfer led his class in the opening ceremony. All the students in the 3-year-preschool classes wore red.

It was an honor for Schäfer to be selected as the class leader for the day.

Schäfer did his best to stand in line while the principal and leader made speeches.

After the opening ceremony, the 5-year-old class plus all of the teachers performed a dragon dance.

Schäfer sat with Sianna and I during the performance.

Bless her heart. If I had known there were going to be so many speeches, then I would have packed more toys. I entertained Sianna with whatever was in my purse: keys, kid sunglasses, tons of raisins, etc.

Next, Schäfer’s age group performed their morning exercises. From here on out, I mostly took video so Hubs could see. (He was out of town.)

During the competition, many families wore matching shirts. Such a fun idea!

There were three races to chose from. One with both parents, one with a single parent and individual race. Each child was suppose to participate in two activities. I signed Schäfer up for the single parent race and the individual race. If you want a good laugh, watch me with a huge prego baby, holding Sianna (because she wouldn’t let anyone else touch her) and racing with Schäfer. Such a fun memory.

Schäfer received an Automan toy for cheering his classmates on.

Near the end of the competition, I turned around and saw this Dad sitting in the back, keeping the sun off his face, enjoying his e-reader.

XinHu Sports Day 2010 from on Vimeo.

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