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2010 December Daily :: 1 :: Already?

What is the December Daily?

For me, the December Daily is a conscious effort to record our memories during one of the most busy months of the year.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the December Daily this year. After all, we have so much going on, but I’ve decided to plunge forward and make a small record of our family memories this month as we celebrate:
the arrival of #3
my birthday
Sianna’s 1st Christmas
Schäfer’s 4th birthday
and the most important birth of all.

This morning we woke up and found December knocking on our door.



The weather is a strange 65 degrees and sunny.

Hello December.

Since you insist, please do come in.

We had pumpkin loaf for breakfast. There’s only so much pumpkin loaf a family can take. I think mine is about ready to go back to oatmeal.

I asked Schäfer to pick up the train tracks before school. Sianna sat on The Shed while Hubs assisted. During clean up times, she’s generally The Project Coordinator.

I think the tool box doubles as her purse.

Such a busy one.

Schäfer gave Papa a construction hat for all his good work. Some days, Schäfer can dress himself and put his shoes on himself, etc. Some days, he needs help with it all.

Hubs took Schäfer to preschool.

As soon as Schäfer was out the door, Sianna got the train tracks back out.

She loves to connect tracks.

As I was moving around the house putting little things back in their place, I found Raffe perched next to the bathtub.

Since, I cooked a vegetable soup and worked on 2 loads of laundry  last night I was in good shape this morning. I had one load to wash and one load to dry.

Then, I started tackling the kids clothes.  Since we’re leaving in 48 hours for QingDao, I really wanted to finish working through the kids clothes: storing by size what will be needed again and donating whatever we can.

Sianna wasn’t very pleased to be spending the entire morning indoors, but she did her best.

Lu Ayi came and worked on the dishes and floors. I don’t know what I would have done without Lu Ayi this week!

Hubs had a mid-morning meeting so Sianna and I went to pick up Schäfer. Since Hubs was working from the home office and the kids can make quite some noise, I decided to go ahead and walk to a nearby grocery store to buy some kernels because I wanted to make some homemade kettle corn while we decorated the tree.

I found the kernels and had Schäfer help me scoop them in a plastic bag. Then, I noticed small black bugs in the bag. A clerk came over and I showed him the bugs.

He said, “Oh. They must have been in the bag.” I assured him they were not in the bag. I asked him, “How old are these kernels?” Without answering, he opened the bin, dumped the corn kernels and bugs inside, stirred it around, shut the bin and walked away.

I suddenly had no interest in eating kettle corn.

Instead, Schäfer and I bought a drink including a special surprise for Hubs.

We found a bottle of “Future Cola”! Hubs has been looking for Future Cola for years. Long, long ago when he first visited China he drank a lot of Future Cola. So today, we provided him with a bottle of Future Cola and Coca-Cola for a taste off. (He was a little busy, so the taste test has been delayed.)

I had already made vegetable soup for lunch, but suddenly I wasn’t in the mood to eat soup. I was craving an egg salad sandwich. Forgive me. I know it’s December, but this pregnant woman has her cravings.

Because we made a late lunch, Sianna went down at 1:30 and Schäfer went down at 2.  Thanks to your tips, we’ve successfully moved Schäfer to our bed for nap time. For the past week or so I’ve been joining him because I’m just exhausted. Today, he said he wasn’t tired at all, but he feel asleep before me. I love laying there in the bed with him. He likes to fall asleep holding my hand. So sweet.

This afternoon, our landlord sent his Mr. Fix-It to our apartment. At some point this summer, when we were in America the plumbing in both bathrooms started staining our 1st floor neighbors ceiling.

Let me preface this with the fact that different people remodel their homes in different ways depending on budget. For our neighbor, he’s been working on his apartment for the entire 9 months that we’ve been living here. He’s going all out. The last thing he wants is a growing water stain on his ceiling.

In September, as soon as we returned from America and saw water under the wood floor we called our landlord. We were alarmed by this because we had turned the water off while we were gone. Nobody knew where this mysterious water was coming from. Yet, nothing happened.

Then, when mushrooms started growing out of the trim, we called again. Mr. Fix-It came over. Took a look. Agreed there was a problem. We haven’t seen him since. That was a month ago.

The real problem is that Mr. Fix-It is the person who laid the plumbing and tiles to start with. We truly wonder if he can fix it.

Our neighbor called the building authority who called our landlord. At this point, Hubs and I are just staying out of it. After all, this leaking water could be causing structural damage.

Today, it was decided that when we leave for QingDao Mr. Fix-It will come in and drill into both of our bathrooms to see what the problem is. So, in the next 48 hours, we have to tape up our closets and the kids room, etc. so that the white powder is somewhat controlled. (read: our house will be a mess when we return with a newborn.)

Hubs took the kids outside from 5-5:45. Hubs and Schäfer played tag. Schäfer told Hubs, “Run! I’m the IT.”  In my glorious free time, I continued sorting the kids clothes.

Guess who was so happy to be outside?


This evening, Schäfer insisted on making a giraffe. Not exactly a Christmas craft, but it was pretty fun to work on together. Doesn’t Sianna look all sly trying to nab the big scissors?

Schäfer worked hard at making circles that he was going to cut out and glue on the giraffe.

After a while, Schäfer said, “I can’t finish the giraffe’s spots. I’m all out of breath.” He colored them on instead.

2010-12-01@19-16-18 2010-12-01@19-16-46
This evening, was the usual: Milk and snuggle for Sianna. Milk and books for Schäfer. Then, it was time for bed.

Once the kids were down, I went back to sorting clothes. By 9pm, the project was finished.

I have so many thoughts floating in my mind.

  • I can’t believe December is here.
  • I’ve been trying to stay flexible and not make too many December plans. This is very unusual for us. Last year we hosted 10 parties in our home + participated in other celebrations. This year, we have nothing on the calendar. How can we? Who knows when baby #3 will arrive?
  • I told Hubs I think we could wait another week before we go to QingDao. Hub replied, “No way. You’re a ticking time bomb!”
  • With all of these nesting instincts, I could organize the office in just 2 days!
  • I’ve started packing for the birth. Hubs could not be more delighted.
  • We wrote a note to Schäfer’s teachers so we could get whatever books they want us to review while we are away.
  • We’ve decided to go ahead and put up the Christmas tree. Now I’m worried about all the dust from the drilling, but we’ll see. I thought it would be nice to return home and already have our tree up – especially if we don’t get back until the 23rd.
  • I am concerned that Schäfer will be sad to leave the tree, but I plan on taking a small one with us so he can work on his Jesse Tree ornament each night.

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