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01.03 already!

Oh my word.

It’s already Monday, January 3rd.

I have no clue where the time is going.

This morning, Schäfer woke up & walked around the house saying “Papa? Papa?”

Selah was still asleep so I got up with Schäfer and we made biscuits together. It felt just like “old times”.

Schäfer did not have preschool today. He will have missed exactly one month. I reviewed some Chinese poems with him tonight. He was a little scratchy at first, but quickly remembered.

For the second day in a row, Hubs did not make it to Walmart. This morning, he had to give tests. Then, when he got home Schäfer was dying to go play in the snow.

Hubs cabbage soup has lasted for four meals. All I’ve contributed is the biscuits. Thank goodness they are so fast & easy.

The snow is starting to melt, but there is forecast for more snow next week. We are doing all we can to get the house warm, but for Selah it’s still quite cold.

I’ve been feeling guilty for the lack of photos I’ve been taking of sweet Selah. If she’s not occupying my arms, then someone else is. I promise that I won’t forget her sweet face, or her sounds, or the way she smells (I still can’t bring myself to use soap on her).

But I will forget. The memory fades and fresh memories take their place. Maybe someday a sound or a smell will trigger a reminder, but nothing will be as full as the moment I’m in right now.

These demanding days. With little sleep. And wee ones who need me.

If I could capture a moment, today presented a great frame.

All of us piled on the bed: Selah nursing. Sianna playing. Schäfer reading a book.

I love this life.

3 comments to 01.03 already!

  • Beth

    crying as I read this…

  • jdavis2

    what a beautiful snapshot of your life of late. it’s a bit startling just how quickly and slowly time passes when you have a baby occupying your arms and little ones needing your attention. please do enjoy these precious moments. though tiring they certainly are magical. love you all…

  • nanamaw

    You are in the very best time of your life…cuddle with little ones…loving your spouse…eating simple foods…enjoying each other in simple things (playing in snow) make the most of your memories to cherish later. Keep Shelah’s smell with you always…that’s fresh baby! I love you, nanamaw

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