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2.5 hours of containment

We made it to the embassy well before our 8:30am appointment.

Little did we know we’d be sitting there for 2.5 hours.

Unlike the Guangzhou or Hong Kong Consulates, the Beijing Embassy has no toys.

In fact, with it’s modern, gray floors and silver accents, it looks like a place Jack Bauer might work.

Our kids… well, they did their best for 2 tots who went to bed at 11pm the night before. They held strong the first hour, but there was some falling apart by the end.

While at the embassy, Schäfer insisted on wearing his goggles with his winter coat while proclaiming to every single person: “Our hotel has a swimming pool!” Who wants to sit around a sterile waiting room when there’s a swimming pool back at the hotel?

We were interviewed as a family to apply for Selah’s passport: Why did you chose to give birth at the Qingdao Municipal Hospital? (Um…well… it was cheaper than Beijing or Shanghai.) What was the hospital like? (It was alright… lots of doctors and nurses.) Was the husband there for the birth? (Definitely.)

We also had to show proof of my pregnancy. Hubs printed 4 “belly photos” and had copies of some prenatal care.

Schäfer received a “Sign here” arrow sticker for waiting patiently. After that, we sat and waited for three of our passports to have visa pages added, making Hubs and my passports quite thick with this addition added on top of our previous addition. We should all be good to go until our passports expire in a few years.

At 11:30am, we were all thankful to be leaving US soil.

For lunch, we took a taxi to one of our favorite digs: Peter’s in the Lidu. A Texas Whopper cheeseburger, shredded beef burritos and a chocolate peanut butter shake made everything better.

Hubs walked next door to Jenny Lou’s grocery to pick up our drinks. He came back with Diet Dr.Pepper (my love language), some German lemon flavored malt drink, apple juice, dark chocolate and two boxes of baking soda (we’re almost out at home).

This afternoon, Hubs took Schäfer to the hotel pool and swam for over four hours. They rotated between the nice warm pool and the hot tub. Meanwhile, Sianna slept for 1.5 hours and Selah nursed and nursed and nursed and eventually slept for 45 minutes.

We purposefully booked this hotel because of the swimming pool. I generally like a hotel with a nice, big buffet breakfast, but if I had to chose between a buffet breakfast or wearing my active children out, I’d take the latter. (Excluding the weather, January is a great time to go to Beijing because hotel prices are low.)

Swim caps were required.



After nap time, I thought Sianna might want to go for a swim, but she was not interested.

Selah continued her nap poolside.

For supper, we ordered in Annie’s Italian. They are fast, delicious and deliver anywhere. We had our order within 30 minutes.

I sampled the 70% cacao chocolate Hubs bought earlier in the day while he passed out from exhaustion.

But not before he spoke my other love language: after a long feeding, Selah started crying so Hubs reached over and picked her up then looked at me and said, “Go take a shower.” in that sweet, take a break kind of way.

I love this man.

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