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A little snowfall to welcome us home.

On our first day home, Hubs opened the bedroom curtains to show me snowflakes were almost 1 inch big.

The view from our bedroom window.

The neighborhood.

Schäfer went to the store with Hubs. He loved seeing his footprints.

On the way home, Schäfer ate some snow.

After nap time, Hubs took both kids outside.

Sianna wasn’t too sure of the snow. She just stood “frozen” in one spot while she watched Hubs and Schäfer build a snowman.

She did enjoy the snow for about 30 minutes, but after she fell down, she was done with it.

Schäfer on the other hand, was quite willing to romp around in the snow. He didn’t stop until he complained of his rain boots having snow inside.



They made a snowman. (Love the bamboo hair.)

Hubs tried to teach Sianna how to make a snow angel, but she wasn’t so interested.

While they were outside, I nursed Sianna under our electric blanket and watched the flakes falling outside.

Wow. The day went by so quickly. Hubs had to go to his office to get our gas heater. Thankfully it was installed by the time the kids woke up. Within 30 minutes the temperature inside had risen by 3 degrees.  The concrete shell that we live in is slowly warming up.

Cabbage soup with hot biscuits sounded perfect for lunch and supper.

It snowed all day and into the night.

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