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Beijing Family Fun Day

After our business was taken care of at the embassy, we decided to stay in Beijing for one extra day. After all, the hotel had heating! What a luxury!

This morning, we headed to Fun Dazzle. We had heard about this great indoor playground from another family, but we weren’t too sure on the details. Once we arrived, we learned that it’s 30rmb ($4.54) per child for 2 hours.

Unfortunately, even though it was indoors, there was no heating. No worries, once the kids started running around, we were able to shed a few layers.

Originally, this building was an indoor swimming pool. The deep end of the pool is now a ball pit.

Schäfer started the morning with transportation.

Of course, whatever Big Brother is doing, Sianna must also do.

Hubs helped Sianna walk across a mini balance beam.

Schäfer also practiced his balancing skills.

Brother & sister.

Before we knew it, Schäfer set his wings and flew off to play elsewhere.

He loved the ball pit. Unfortunately, no adults were allowed in. Hubs was disappointed.

Schäfer “swam” out to the “island” then jumped back into the balls.

Meanwhile, Sianna enjoyed the “roller coaster”.

Then, it was back to the car where she sat and enjoyed people watching.

Sianna loves to play with her Papa.

Schäfer and Hubs had a “ball competition” where they ran around with these huge balls.

Schäfer helped push Sianna in the swing. She loved the swing and did not want to stop!

Hubs and Schäfer enjoyed playing in the jungle gym, but mostly Schäfer enjoyed the ball pit.

At 11:30am, we headed off to Ikea for lunch.

I had a fun lunch date with my new friend C whom I met through this blog. It was awesome to finally meet her in person.

Of course, we were talking while I was breastfeeding Selah, feeding Sianna, managing a sinus infection and developing a slight addiction to the cherry-cranberry juice. Hubs, another refill please?

But life is like that. In these days with wee ones, I’ve learned to grab the conversation when I can. I’m simply not going to have blocks of uninterrupted silence.

Thank you C for coming to BJ to hang with me for a little bit. Our time was not ideal, but I believe that there was Purpose in it! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you!

After lunch, Schäfer couldn’t wait to check into the Ikea play area. In Guangzhou, the check-in time was 45 minutes, but in Beijing he could play for 1.5 hours.

Meanwhile, Sianna and Selah joined Hubs and I. We hadn’t planned on buying much.

Meanwhile, Sianna went down for her afternoon nap.

This beauty needs her sleep.

Selah enjoyed her first trip to Ikea.

Though we had not planned on being in Ikea for very long, we ended up making some home organization decisions.

Ultimately, Ikea may not be the cheapest place to buy something, but it does save on time. Instead of Hubs roaming our city going from cabinet maker to cabinet maker to see who has the best quality for the best price, we simply saw exactly what we wanted at Ikea, ordered it and shipped it to our home.

After one year of having our office in chaos, we finally agreed on what we needed. And what we needed most was to simply get it done.

Once we had an organization system for the office ordered, we were on a roll. We found a bookcase and a desk that were on sale. We even tossed in some bunk beds. Even with shipping (how do they send it so cheap? train?), the price was cheaper than local prices and the quality is comparable if not better.

For the most part, the kids seemed to enjoy their 7 hours in Ikea. Hubs and I were thankful to have several decisions behind us.

After a long day, everyone came home and crashed… except Hubs who went across the street to grab some Turkish take-out.

Because that’s apparently what we do in Biejing: eat anything but Chinese food.

3 comments to Beijing Family Fun Day

  • jdavis2

    fun! fun! fun! that play place looks incredible! and i love that you got to hang out at ikea – certainly one of my favorite places to take our sprouts! glad you were also able to accomplish lots while having fun! 🙂

  • Jeromy

    Nice. Shorel, you have a way of finding the coolest stuff no matter where you are! Hopefully, I am giving credit where credit is due 🙂 Sandra, you can set me straight if you like.

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