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Day 1 of Single Parenting

Early this morning, long before the sunrise, Hubs set off on an 8 day excursion.

Meanwhile, I woke up with a plugged duct. I immediately reached over to my nightstand and grabbed this book.

In addition to applying heat and nursing often, here’s what the experts recommend:

“Rest is essential at the first sign of a problem. If at all possible, you should climb into bed with the baby tucked in beside you for the remainder of the day. At the very least you should eliminate all extra activities and spend an hour or two relaxing with baby on your breast and feet off the floor.”

Hummm… I don’t think there’s going to be an hour or two of relaxation with a 4 year old and a very curious 20 month old in the house.

I decided to do the only thing I knew to make a cold day fly by: I took the kids to Jump Zone.

I got the kids ready, nursed and we headed out the door. It wasn’t easy to get a taxi, but eventually one did come our way.

Once at the shopping center, we hit up the grocery store on the first floor. In order to help the day pass, many snacks would be needed! The kids got excited when I said we were having a snack picnic for lunch: yogurt, bananas, raisins, crackers, boxed milks, juices, etc.

The day was…


Schäfer moved and played non-stop. He only came to me when he needed fuel.

Sianna played with me when Selah was asleep in the sling. While Selah nursed, Sianna snacked or played nearby. I moved one of the elephant rocking chairs over to the private corner I was nursing in so Sianna could rock.

Meanwhile, Schäfer made friends with this little boy and they played SO well together for 7 hours straight.

Sometimes, these indoor playgrounds can be tough because the kids have never seen a foreigner before so out of shock they look at Schäfer and watch him instead of playing together. But not today!

Sianna skipped her afternoon nap. She played and played.

I snapped this shot during a tickle session. Jump Zone for Sianna is all about playing with Mommy. Love her.

And sweet Selah. Well, let’s just say that if you have a plugged duct, then another great solution is to take your infant to an indoor playground with 30 screaming kids. The loud environment will cause the baby to nurse often and unplug that duct!

Seven hours later, we started adding our layers, coats, gloves, hats, etc. By 6pm, we were outside trying to get a taxi. It was crazy, crowded and cold.

The kids stood on the sidewalk while I stepped 3 feet into the street to get a taxi. Our bus line doesn’t go this route and I wasn’t sure which bus to take to where to change stops. So, a taxi would be best.

Each time a taxi pulled up someone rushed in front of me and got in.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a taxi queue system!

Eventually, I moved the kids to the road where I was standing. That way, when a taxi puled up I wouldn’t have to go back to the curb to get them. It was only 3 feet back at the most, but just enough time for someone else could grab my cab.

Finally, a taxi driver pulled up and asked where I was going. After I said our neighborhood, he motioned for me to get in. When we pilled in the backseat, we were greeted by another Nai Nai heading in the same direction.

This is the spirit! With so many people needing a ride it’s good to share.

We were in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home. Each time we came upon a crowd of people, the driver would roll down the window to see if anyone was going in our direction, After all, the passenger seat was completely empty.

The driver also made good money because he charged each of us the full fare. I didn’t mind. I was so happy to get my tired kids home.

After leftover chicken pot pie, everyone was in bed by 7:30! Success!

My favorite part of the day: watching the kids play! play! play!

No time outs necessary. No discipline needed.

Today was a great day.

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