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Lovely House Guests

On our first weekend home, my girlfriend called and said she had bought her train ticket and would be at our home at 6am on Saturday morning. GREAT! It had been too long since we’d seen each other.

Plus, we’re such old friends that I knew I could relinquish any “hosting” guilt. I could feed Selah, the kids could be a little loud and the house could just be. Nothing would phase my friend.

In fact, she invited another mutual friend to come up for a visit. It may sound a little crowded, but it was perfect.

Sianna generally screams when people visit our home, but she was completely smitten with these two ladies. To our surprise, she let them touch her!

The kids were excited to show all their latest tricks. For Schäfer, this included zooming all over the floor on the sleeves of this turtleneck. Not only does this trick allow for zooming at top speeds, but it also assists with cleaning.

All weekend long, the reading was taken over by our friends.

We tried to keep our routines as normal as possible. Sianna played with Hubs face while she drank a warm sippy cup of milk.

I think both of the kids were happy to get some special attention.

This weekend made me realize exactly what I need: two friends to move in and entertain my kids so I can nurse all day! ha ha.

They were the best guests. When Hubs and I crashed in bed at 10pm, they had each other to stay up all night talking. They went out and about in town, bought vegetables, cooked, washed too many dishes and climbed Lu Shan. Even in the midst of gabbing with me or playing with the kids, they somehow found time to mop the floor.

Their visit was a blessing. When they crashed an extra couple of days, I was thankful.

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