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10 minutes late to be 2 hours early

We were off to Beijing for three days.

No big deal.

Until we woke up to… SNOW.

And not just a light dusting, but inches upon inches. The kind of snow where taxi’s really should put on snow chains, roads should be salted, and snow plows should be a frequent sighting.

(Hubs: My wife is

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Life on the Inside

The cold winter temperatures + newborn baby pretty much have us enjoying life at home.

One morning, I thought it would be a fun to let Sianna color with the window markers.

She was in her zone.

She wanted to color everywhere.

Hubs and Selah travel to Dreamland.

Hubs loves

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Lovely House Guests

On our first weekend home, my girlfriend called and said she had bought her train ticket and would be at our home at 6am on Saturday morning. GREAT! It had been too long since we’d seen each other.

Plus, we’re such old friends that I knew I could relinquish any “hosting” guilt. I could

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Christmas a little late


Nanamaw and Great Grandmaw decided they wanted to have the kids open their Christmas gifts when they got back to JiuJiang.

Schäfer was so excited!

He loves his Buzz Lightyear Spaceman! He even played with the box all day calling it his “iPhone”.

Sianna loves her farm animals and farm!

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Snowy Day


On this snowy afternoon, Hubs and the kids headed outside to build snowman #2.

Everyone was bundled in plenty of layers.

I love the snowman’s bamboo hair and leafy eyes.

Sianna was getting a little tired of being outside.

Someday she will speak, but until then… she screams.

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01.03 already!

Oh my word.

It’s already Monday, January 3rd.

I have no clue where the time is going.

This morning, Schäfer woke up & walked around the house saying “Papa? Papa?”

Selah was still asleep so I got up with Schäfer and we made biscuits together. It felt just like “old times”.

Schäfer did not have

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