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Thank You Pertle Family

With international shipping now at $12 per pound, getting a care package is RARE.

When people ask what we need, I often say nothing because there’s generally not much that we need. If you’re a really good friend, I might hit you up for some deodorant. Otherwise, I define “need” as food, clothing and shelter. If the kids are running around naked, it’s by choice.

Anyway, when we do get a package, I’ve always taken photos of the kids opening gifts, but I’ve never done anything with the photos.  I’m filled with good intentions to do something like print the photos and include them in a thank you note or put them in an e-mail in order to send our gratefulness immediately.

These days, those things just aren’t going to happen. Going to the post office would entail 3 kids, 2 taxis, long lines, snacks, potty breaks, diaper changes, post office negotiations and a half day’s time. E-mail also takes time since each photo must be re-sized. Ultimately, all my good intentions become a heartfelt e-mail sans photos.

My friend blogs when her kids get a care package. I’ve always thought those posts were so cute and I bet the grandparents gobbled up the photos of the kids playing with whatever was in the package.

That’s when it hit me: I really should take a moment to share the photos of the kids opening the package. Goodness knows there are dangerous levels of excitement erupting.

We returned home from Beijing to find something special in the mail… thank you Aunt Katrina, Uncle Derrick, cousins Trinity and Kaeleb for such a wonderful and unexpected care package.

Selah loved her monkey & onesies. You’re right, Selah is as cute “as her aunt”! Katrina – I’ve told Hubs so many times that Selah looks like your side of the family. Hubs says, “Selah’s hair is just like her Uncle Stefon’s.”

Schäfer was super excited to receive a Tow Mater.

Wonder. Bliss. Joy.

He’s been asking for a Tow Mater for over a year!

Thank you for the new book. You know we’re always craving something new to read since we don’t have access to a library.

Of course, Hubs was asked to read the book immediately.

Sianna loved her puppets.

The pink pig was probably her favorite with the cow coming in a close second.

A quick bow check before the final photo…

Thank you for sending such a wonderful care package.

1 comment to Thank You Pertle Family

  • jdavis2

    precious! love the pictures! everyone is so adorable and happy! btw: sterling received 3 tow maters and 2 lightening mcqueens for CHRISTmas. can you say, “cha-ching!?!” hope schafer enjoys his as much as sterling does!

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