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The Reluctant Taxi Driver

This morning, Sianna was still recovering from yesterday’s Family Fun Day.

We made it to the airport in plenty of time to grab some Burger King before our plane took off.

Our flight back was uneventful. Selah slept. Hubs read.

Schäfer watched Thomas.

I assisted Sianna in getting a much needed, but completely unwanted nap.

I can’t believe how big she feels in my lap.

Once we landed in Nanchang, Hubs and I tag teamed tasks. He wore Sianna in the Ergo and grabbed our suitcase (we checked our little roller because of shampoo & contact solution). Meanwhile, Schäfer, Selah and I ran to the ticket counter to buy seats for the next bus. If we missed the bus, then we’d be waiting 3 hours until the next bus.

I bought some of the last seats and asked the bus to wait for Hubs. It was a close call.

Our 1.5 hour bus ride home, took an exhausting 3 hours. At some point the highway was shut down and all traffic had to exit onto a country road with only one toll booth.

The kids were tired, cranky, thirsty and hungry.

Once we arrived at the bus station, it was hard to find a taxi. Hubs got us all in a taxi and told the driver how to get to our apartment. The driver wanted 50rmb ($7.57) “because it’s Chinese New Year”. We refused to pay this much since it only costs 12rmb ($1.82) to get home from the bus station.

The driver asked us to get out of his taxi. Thankfully, Selah was screaming because she was hungry/tired/needed a fresh nappy/was irate at the ridiculous driver/etc. (Or maybe that was me?)

Hubs asked the driver if he could please take us home because our baby was tired and hungry. The driver relented “because we were foreigners”.

Then, he wanted to know what we were going to do if the baby pooped in the backseat. Hubs told him not to worry. Our baby was wearing a diaper!

Once the driver got to our subdivision, he refused to drive into our neighborhood. This would have been fine on a warm, sunny afternoon, but we were traveling all day and our kids were exhausted.

Hubs was willing to walk, but I refused to carry our 3-week-old outside, in the dark of night, through 35 degree weather, on wet sidewalks covered in slushy snow while managing two toddlers plus luggage.

I was simply not getting out of the taxi.

The driver reluctantly drove us all the way home.

2 comments to The Reluctant Taxi Driver

  • Katrina

    what beautiful eyelashes Sianna has!

  • jdavis2

    after reading this story i wanted to spit fire! good thing i’m unable to accomplish such a feat as it would have only destroyed my computer! seriously though, EVERY time this sort of thing happens to me i am reminded why we are here: they need a life change. so thankful you made it home – completely home! stay warm and know you are loved!

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