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February Wrap-up

Did February have 52 days this year?

I’m sure it did.

So long bundling my kids in three pairs of pants and shirts.

Farewell living under blankets after 8pm.

Aufedersein obese electric and gas bills.

Goodbye constantly being cold.

Hello Spring!

02.18.11 Hubs started taking Schäfer on “chug-chug” dates. Once a week, they go

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With Love from Rachel x 2

I have two friends named Rachel and they are best friends with each other. Their life journey is so uniquely woven together – it’s just a beautiful thing.

When I was pregnant, Rachel e-mailed to see if I wanted some baby clothes she bought, but ended up not needing since she was having a boy.

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Baked Oatmeal

After Hubs and I were married, I asked him what he ate for breakfast. He casually replied, “Oatmeal.” I didn’t understand his commitment to oatmeal until we made our first married trip to Costco and Hubs picked up two gigantic tubs of oatmeal.

Even though I never ate breakfast, it didn’t take long before Hubs

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Hooray for the everyday!

Around here, crazy starts at the end of November and generally lasts through February thanks to:

Thanksgiving my birthday Selah’s birthday Christmas Schäfer’s birthday New Year Chinese New Year Valentines Day Lantern Festival

From start to finish that’s 84 days of planning, shopping, preparing, gathering, celebrating, cleaning, repeat.

Every year, just after Lantern Festival, I

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Lantern Festival 2011

After the celebration at Schäfer’s preschool, we decided to stop by the grocery store and grab some peanut tong yuan to go with our lunch. We had to walk to two grocery stores before we found the peanut variety. It was worth going the extra distance

After nap time, Schäfer played with his lantern

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Lantern Festival at the preschool


The preschool had been closed for two weeks in honor of Chinese New Year. School started back on Monday, but the New Year festivities officially end with the Lantern Festival on Thursday. Instead of a normal school day, the preschool had family activities. Of course, Schäfer loved having us visit his school.


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