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February Wrap-up

Did February have 52 days this year?

I’m sure it did.

So long bundling my kids in three pairs of pants and shirts.

Farewell living under blankets after 8pm.

Aufedersein obese electric and gas bills.

Goodbye constantly being cold.

Hello Spring!

2011-02-18@12-29-47 2011-02-18@12-30-08
Hubs started taking Schäfer on “chug-chug” dates. Once a week, they go to a small store and buy a chug-chug sucker. Schäfer can choose the flavor. Hubs eats whatever Schäfer selects. Then they “hang out” and talk. They might go to the bike shop to get their tires pumped, they might check out a sports shop or they might just ride their bikes.

Schäfer loves the dates because he gets a sucker. It really is the highlight of his week. He’s constantly asking me if it’s Friday or how many more sleeps until Friday.

For Hubs, it’s the beginning of intentional time with Schäfer. Sure, right now they mostly talk about how delicious a chug-chug is, but you gotta start somehwhere.

I accidentally made a Mickey Mouse pancake. It was such a hit, I did it again.

Schäfer wore Hubs ear muffs this morning because they were sitting on the table.

Strawberries are in season. Hubs grabbed about $5 worth from a road side vendor when he was coming back from a bike trip. I turned that batch into a strawberry pie and strawberry jam.

I wasn’t too satisfied with how the jam turned out. It was definitely eatable, but I thought I could do better. If you have a tried and true recipe please pass it this way!

I hope we can take the kids out to a strawberry farm soon so we can pick our own. The price is the same, but the memory would be fun. Plus the strawberries are so fragrant! We can smell the farms before seeing them.

Sianna’s favorite book right now is Goodnight Moon. Thanks to Hubs, Goodnight Moon is a song. Here Hubs and Schäfer sing Goodnight Moon to Sianna. Sianna loves music. She’s always singing her own song or humming a tune to something I sing to her. Her favorite tune to hum is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Schäfer’s favorite book is Big Fire Trucks. I read it three times today. Thank goodness Sianna woke up from her nap. I’m sure there were plans to read it again!

Schäfer strung the letters of his name.

Sianna mostly played with string and wondered why she did not have access to all the letters.

Right now, Schäfer knows more Chinese characters than letters of the alphabet. I’m trying to be more consistent, but honestly it’s a struggle.

He loves to ride his bike.

Hubs has been looking for a kick stand for him, but he’s had no luck. I guess the creators of this bike expected all the kids to use training wheels.

Sianna loves to go outside.


Sianna is now brave enough to go across the wiggly bridge.

When she gets to the other side, she makes her way to the biggest slide where she lays down on her belly with feet first and slides down.

I love her pig tails.

This is also a favorite play spot.

Sweet Selah in all her layers.

2011-02-23@13-09-19 2011-02-23@13-09-25
Nobody reads Wendel’s Workshop like Papa.

Back when we were in Beijing applying for Selah’s passport, we spent 7 hours of our life in Ikea. One of our purchases was this set of bunk beds. They were cheaper than what we could find locally, but even more important: they took up less space.

The local bunk beds have a twin on top and a full on the bottom so the lower bed extends out. This causes the ladder for the top bed to also extends out. The full bed + ladder extension would take up over half of the kids room.

I thought the full bed might be fun for the girls to share while they are little, but the design was just too big.

Schäfer loves having a bunk bed! I was very concerned about  him going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. In order to put my concerns at ease, after we had the kids tucked in, Schäfer got up several times in a row just to show me he could get down from the top bunk in the dark.

Sianna will remain in the pack-n-play for as long as possible.

Right now , Schäfer is sleeping on Hubs blow-up twin size mattress that he uses when he travels. (Because he never knows where he might need to sleep!)

We plan on getting some type of foam mattress for the bed. I haven’t done much research, but two of my girlfriends recommended foam mattresses. We’ll check it out. If we don’t like our options, then we can always order the mattresses from Ikea.

And with that February came to a close.

Hello March!
Welcome Spring!

1 comment to February Wrap-up

  • sherry

    Strawberries? Yum, i’m a little jealous! we won’t have those for quite some time! Do you have access to pectin? This is the easiest way to make jam, i can send you some too. we use pomona pectin which is great because you can decide what sugar or if you use sugar. i also have a book that talks about making your own from lemons or maybe apple juice. You can also just add sugar to taste and cook it forever and ever and ever until you get a “gel”. email me if you want more specifics!
    I love that Schaffer knows more characters than letters! What a gift!

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