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My Friend – The Outdoors

The kids woke at 7am still a little fuzzy from yesterday’s 7 hour Jump Zone extravaganza.

The plan for today: wear them out again!

This morning, we played outside for 2 hours. After a simple spaghetti lunch, both kids crashed for a nice long afternoon nap. This afternoon, we went back out for another 2 hours.

Sianna’s all bundled up and ready to play!

Yes, she can still move.

Schäfer loves to ride his bike!

What a great way to get some energy out.

Sianna’s started climbing. When we’re outside, she climbs on the bars at the playground. When we’re inside, she climbs on Selah’s crib.

Selah – one month 8 days

Just for a break from winter, I’ve been dressing Selah in flowery onesies before adding layers.

I’m ready for spring.

This evening, our neighbors brought the kids a balloon. During the Chinese New Year, it’s traditional to visit other people’s homes and bring small gifts.

Unfortunately, I was not able to host them because I was nursing. Since Sianna doesn’t like people, she decided to stay in the back bedroom with Selah and I.

Have no fear, our extroverted Schäfer was delighted to visit with our neighbors. They were equally happy to chat it up with the foreign four-year-old.

Playing outside completely worked. The kids crashed in bed at 7:30pm.

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