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With Love from Rachel x 2

I have two friends named Rachel and they are best friends with each other. Their life journey is so uniquely woven together – it’s just a beautiful thing.

When I was pregnant, Rachel e-mailed to see if I wanted some baby clothes she bought, but ended up not needing since she was having a boy.

Her e-mail was so funny because it said, “You don’t have to tell me if you’re having a boy or girl. Just tell me if you want the clothes.” Too cute. I casually replied, “Sure. We’d love some clothes.”

Thank you Rachel for the bright clothes you sent Selah. She’s throwing you a little wave!

Selah at 1 month 27 days. This Old Navy onesie is so fun! A girl can’t have too many long sleeved onesies during these cold, winter days.

Well, then Rachel was at Rachel’s house (her BFF) when she organized the clothes to be mailed. That inspired the other Rachel to “shop the pantry” and send a few items our way.

Check out Rachel’s pantry:

Wow. Hubs favorite goodie: the mustard!

Rachel, if I “shopped the pantry” for a care package you would receive: flour, sugar, dried beans, and oatmeal.

Thank you, Rachel, for the yummy treats. Schäfer licked the chocolate pudding bowl clean.

Sianna thought the vanilla pudding was yummy!

Thank you Rachel for the clothes and Rachel for the pantry loot. You have our entire family feeling the love.

3 comments to With Love from Rachel x 2

  • Rachel W

    I’m so excited that you liked all the stuff! I must admit I felt a bit silly while I was assembling the package, thinking things like “she probably doesn’t want this. Is it weird to send mustard? Maybe it seems bu hao yisi to give her things I already had!” but I’m so glad to hear that you all liked everything and it was a blessing to you! Thank you so much for the sweet blog post and your enthusiasm, it made my day!

    It’s sunny and spring-y today, hope you all are having a great one too!


    • Every item you sent was so fun and completely unexpected. The mustard alone was worthy of a happy dance! Yes, I am feeling some spring today. I do believe I saw a cloud while taking Schäfer to preschool this morning.

  • Love that little teal and lime green outfit! And love the little wave! 🙂

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