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March Madness: Finale

03.27.11 Our small hand-held Canon was on the bedside table, so I grabbed a few imperfect shots. Love these “everyday life” Sunday morning shots.

Schäfer loves to hold Selah’s hand. Sianna loves to play with Selah’s snaps.

Everyone is constantly on the move.

In Schäfer’s preschool, they taught him to do

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Mid-March Madness

03.12.11 Hubs came home from a trip with a little gift: under the cabinet kitchen lights! The lighting is so soft. It makes a huge difference compared to the overhead florescent light. Hubs took his time and installed them with excellence. If only we had known in 10 days we’d be looking for another

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Used Furniture: Before and After

It’s been almost a year since we ventured down to Used Furniture Market in search of a few pieces of furniture. Here’s a few before and after pictures.

04.12.10 A month after we moved in, our entry space looked like this. In search of an affordable solution, we went back to Used Furniture Alley.

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Baking with the Bakers

We have a bakery in our neighborhood.

Last June, the owner asked if I could teach them some American recipes.

What!? Access to a large kitchen and a monstrous pastry mixer?

I’m game.

06.25.10 Let’s see. What distinctly American pastry shall I teach them first? The Cinnamon Roll.

Here we go! Blah. Blah. Blah.

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The Day the Gas Company Called

If you live below the Yellow River in China, you are quite familiar with these: the air conditioner. Yet, Chinese air conditioners aren’t single-purpose as they are in the States. Rather, they have a heating function, which allows us to use copious amounts of electricity in the attempt to heat the concrete shells called

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The Great Milk Tea Taste Off

One afternoon at Walmart, I noticed several varieties of instant milk teas for sale. Out of curiosity, I grabbed one of each. After all, you never know when you’ll have a sudden urge for milk tea.

Sandra had the idea of having a taste-off. It was a battle between “Original”, “Gold”, and “Hong Kong”

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