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A Very Cola

Back in the old days…well…back during the days when I was single and roaming through the vast deserts of western China, Coca-cola was just starting to make it into the widespread markets of China. However, one soft drink you could surely count on finding was Future Cola. The Chinese, 非常可乐,could be translated as “Very Cola!” They had several varieties, including grape (more like tutti-fruity) and apple (which was my drink of choice back then…when I couldn’t get yak milk tea.)

The cola variety was popular with the Chinese, who said that once boiled it was good for curing colds. Yes, two thousand years of Chinese medicine and the elixir for curing colds came down to…boiled Future Cola.


The question that has always been in my mind was, how “very” was “very”?

“Very” as in “Very much like Coca-cola”?

Or “not very”?

The competitors. On the left, Future Cola. Their motto: Future will be better.

On the right…well…you know. Their motto: Um….”I love what you do for me…Coca cola!”

That’s not right. Maybe…”We do chicken right!”

Still not quite it. “A San Francisco treat!”

Yeah, I give up. I don’t know what their motto is. Maybe, “We’re swoopy with letters!”

Future Cola looks like it might taste good. And actually, after you’ve ridden on a particularly uncomfortable camel (thankfully no lasting effects) and drank rancid butter tea for months, it does taste good. I can testify to that.

But when compared to the leading competitor, it turns out it is just “very much like cola” and not actually “cola”.

And so with my wild caffeinated eyes and out of control cow-lick (more like a bunny stuck to my head), I present Coca-cola as the winner of this battle.

. . .

However, Coke doesn’t match up with my long lost love from 1999:



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