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March Madness

March got off to a crazy start…

  • Schäfer brought home pink eye and shared it with his sister and Hubs. Our home was one big disinfectant zone. We washed our hands and applied anti-bacterial gel on anything that moved.  Thankfully, Selah and I did not catch it.
  • Since Schäfer was inside all day with pink eye and a fever, I introduced him to starfall. At first, we worked on the letters together while I was nursing, but then Hubs taught Schäfer how to use a mouse. Now he can click away on the letters himself! This eased some guilt that Schäfer knows more Chinese characters than letters of the alphabet.
  • I made Angela’s recipe for hiding cauliflower in mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, I decided to add four cloves of garlic which was about three too many. Hubs loved the potatoes…which meant they were WAY too garlicky.
  • Hubs ventured into the mystery of curing bacon. Since pork belly is so readily available (and we love bacon) it was inevitable that we would do this. The first batch turned out a bit salty. I think we left it in the brine too long. But we are definitely on the right track…
  • A bag of dried black beans had me craving enchiladas. I had been wanting to cook this for weeks! The day finally came when I had all the ingredients. I soaked the beans overnight, but after baking in the oven for 1 hour the beans were still too hard. After a consultation with Hubs, I cooked the casserole an extra hour to soften the beans, but ended up burning the bottom layer. We’ll try the recipe again later… and soak the beans for a week if necessary.
  • Hubs had some friends come by the house about 8pm. To our surprise, they brought their kids. Unfortunately, our kids had pink eye so we put them to bed quickly in order to contain the outbreak. Meanwhile, the other kids stayed up late and played with their toys.
  • Sianna wears a diaper size M. Selah is starting to push a diaper size S. They will be sharing clothes before we know it!
  • And now for the craziest news of all. My body has been all out of whack lately. I just haven’t felt normal so I finally confessed to Hubs that I thought I was pregnant again. Just the thought of Irish twins made my head dizzy. (Would three kids in two years make them Irish triplets?) To put my fears to rest, I took a pregnancy test. It was negative. After consulting Dr. Internet, I learned that the body endures some significant changes while breastfeeding. Good to know.

Hello March!

After a round of eye medicine for Schäfer and Sianna, all the kids enjoyed a Veggie Tale.

Schäfer stayed home from preschool. When his teacher called to see how he was, he said, “Tell my classmates I’ll be back tomorrow!” Bless his little extroverted heart!

I remember when Schäfer could nap on a pillow.

Hubs taught Schäfer to use a mouse. It’s so crazy to me that computers are a natural part of Schäfer’s life. We never had a computer in our house! We barely had a microwave.

Mouse in the one hand. Raffe in the other. I love this kid!

When Selah wears her pink fleece jumper, she is puffy enough to fit in the Ergo. She has some head control, but still rests on me for the most part.

After almost 5 days of pink eye mania, the entire family needed a pick-me-up. Schäfer thought a banana pudding sounded good. I agreed.

Of course, Sianna wanted to check out what big brother was doing.


We played lots of boardgames while the kids were stuck inside. Schäfer loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game. He always flaps like a butterfly when he reaches the end.

Aunt Gloria gave Schäfer a Noah’s Ark matching game. He really likes it because it only has twelve matches.

Nanamaw gave him Memory for his birthday. It’s more of a challenge with 40+ matches.

Schäfer took a break from playing with puppets to learn letters on starfall. (Notice his hand?)

Sianna also likes starfall. She’s been repeating lots of words and sounds.

The most popular toy in the house right now is the Tonka Truck.


Here’s a normal morning scene of the kids playing on our bed.

Selah’s hungry and the big kids are trying to sooth her. Schäfer will say, “It’s OK Selah. Mommy will give you milk.” Sianna will say, “La! La!” and whisper lots of babble.

Post-nap Schäfer.

I love fuzzy.

Schäfer and Sianna made “Welcome Home” signs for Hubs who was returning from a trip.

Sianna joined me outside while I brought in the laundry.

The neighborhood is filled with blooming trees. The air is filled with the smell of honeysuckle.

Welcome Spring!

6 comments to March Madness

  • ugh! pinkeye :(. I am so glad it didn’t spread to baby Selah. Or you, of course.
    I love to use dried black beans, too. But I soak them and cook them all in one big batch before using them (like in enchiladas, yum!). Black bean chili is a huge favorite at our house, too. Or I turn them into a sort of refried bean by cooking them with onion, tomato, cumin, chili powder, and lime juice, then whirring them in the blender.
    Okay, now I’m hungry 🙂

  • jdavis2

    wow girl! that was one crazy week! love all the pictures of the kiddos… even, or shall i say, especially the “fuzzy” ones! btw: i hope your body stops feeling out of wack soon… i must say, the fear of irish triplets that you experienced would be enough to make a mike tyson beg for mercy! even so… trusting that every.single.detail. is all in Dad’s hands. whew!

  • Angela

    So much I love about this post!
    Could it be that your garlic cloves are bigger than mine?! I don’t remember China having strikingly large garlic, but I’m thinking if your husband couldn’t hack it something’s going on besides me just REALLY loving garlic! =)
    I did the same thing with Gretchen and a pregnancy test. It was so hard to even admit the thought out loud, but good to put those fears to rest!
    LOVE the picture of the kids on the bed.
    I need to teach Rooke to use a mouse. Noted.

  • Sandra, you are an awesome blogger. Thanks for the Starfall tip. I have a 3 1/2 year old who is completely ready for that. I love the picture of Sianna looking over Shafer’s shoulder completely engrossed. Glad you weathered the pink-eye. No fun!

  • Eden

    I also cook the black beans before I use them, but I have found that they are still just not as soft as pinto beans get (and that’s after cooking them for about 6 hours). We’ve just decided to enjoy the texture!

  • erica

    Sandra – sweet pictures!!

    – I soak my black beans for a day, then crockpot them overnight so they are ready to use… Those things take FOREVER… but man, i can sprinkle some onion powder and salt on them and just dig in. Yummmm.
    – After reading this post this afternoon I decided that our family also must enjoy some banana pudding… we can get a cracker similar to a graham cracker that I usually use in place of the nila wafers. It works and I smile as I eat it! 🙂

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