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Thank You Bruce & Erin + Kristen

While Hubs was out of town, he ran into a friend who handed him a little box from Bruce & Erin + Kristen.

My friend, Erin, works in this unique job where she’s always meeting people who live in Asia, are traveling to Asia or just came back from Asia. When she meets someone coming to Asia, she sometimes sends a little gift our way.

At the most random time, we’ll receive a Box of Happy.

It’s completely unexpected.

Oh! How it delights us so!

Since the weatherman was predicting snow, I decided to save it for a bad weather day. Of course, the snow never came, but lots of rain did!

Schäfer sends a big thank you for the 4 Foam Fliers and raspberry push pop!

As you can tell, Sianna was mesmerized with the new rubber bands and heart hair barrettes.

She’s trying to get into this box of a bazillion rubber bands. Absolutely nothing would bring her more joy that getting every single one of them out… right now!

Oh wait… something did give her more joy:

a strawberry push pop.

Can you see the joy in this face? It’s screaming: THANK YOU FOR THE PUSH POP!

Schäfer couldn’t wait to get his airplanes painted. He was so excited about these airplanes that he put the lid back on his push pop and got to work!

He painted two this afternoon, but left the other two white when he realized the painted planes needed time to dry. Obviously, the unpainted planes were immediately taken to the runway (the kitchen table) and cleared for take off.

After much pushing of the pops both kids went straight into the bath!

Hubs and I want to thank you for the iTunes gift certificate and bountiful supply of Reese’s. With the gift certificate, we purchased Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2 for the kids. We haven’t quite decided what else we’d like to get. Any suggestions?

Thank you for the Window Crayons. They came in so handy when both kids were home bound due to pink eye.

Schäfer spent quite a bit of time working on this “road race”.

Thank you Bruce and Erin for the Box of Happy. We were so surprised!

But the fun doesn’t stop.
Our dear friend Kristen also included some goodies for us.

Thank you Kristen for the Reese’s and “washed white as snow” ornament. I would have asked Sianna to hold all the Resse’s, but they were umm… consumed.

Sianna loved the ornament. We can’t wait to add it to our tree next year!

P.S. I dressed Sianna in her orange polartec just for you!

3 comments to Thank You Bruce & Erin + Kristen

  • Angela

    If you want something else for the kids, I highly suggest Seeds of Praise. seedsfamilyworship dot net
    They have several volumes and it’s our favorite, favorite, favorite. Plus, you get two CDs in the package with the intent that you can give one away! You can also just listen online for free. I guess I should have said that first!

  • jdavis2

    awesome! i love surprise boxes ‘o goodies! question: how do you manage to keep the window markers/colors on the glass? it looks like so much fun but just the idea of them on the walls makes me run for cover! 🙂

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