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Walmart Camel

Since Walmart isn’t quite as convenient as it once was (it’s now a 10 RMB taxi ride versus a 1 RMB bus ride), we try to cut our trips to once a month.

This usually results in me (Hubs) loading up a small cart (no large carts in China) with a mound of stuff. I tend to collect quite a few stares as I push around the overloaded cart. Chinese generally shop in small quantities: daily for their vegetables and weekly for their household supplies.

Poor Chinese buggy.

Of course, since we don’t have a car (nor do we want one over here), I generally wrestle the buggy out the front doors, past the picnic tables and out to the sidewalk. From there I flag a taxi, load up the trunk of the taxi and take it back to our apartment complex. Unload the taxi, strap as many bags to my shoulders as I can and hobble over the street, up four flights of stairs and into our door.

It’s not that Sandra can’t shop at Walmart. It’s that she can’t get all the items from the store to the apartment with three kids!

October’s haul
Another reason we shop at Walmart is that the Great Value items generally are cheaper and of better quality than items at our local store.

November’s Haul
We buy Great Value: raisins, rice, toilet paper, kleenex, honey, oats, orange juice, etc. All of this adds up to a nice discount.

When in a bind, Sandra can always pop into the neighborhood grocery store if we run out of something. For most household items we can easily make it month to month. Vegetables are always bought fresh at the local market.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue power lifting groceries to our door.

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