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Traveling Home

Once we knew exactly when we would get Sianna’s passport back, Hubs immediately went down to the station to purchase our train tickets home. Traveling by train is actually the most direct and convenient way back since the airport is 1.5 hours from our city.

To our surprise, the tickets were sold out for the

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Final Day in Hong Kong

Well, today Sianna’s passport should arrive. Unfortunately, it could arrive anytime between 9am – 6:30pm so there was no way to grab the passport and have confidence that we could make the train.

To celebrate our final day in Hong Kong, we rode the subway to Disneyland.

Schäfer started the day by riding

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Happy Easter 2011

Selah turned four months old today! Happy 1st Easter!

We had a small “basket” (old cracker container) with a few Easter surprises inside. A little candy goes a long way in this house.

Hubs and I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that we unexpectedly spent Christmas in Qing Dao and now

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A minute for Mommy

On Saturday evening, Hubs took the kids to the park so I could have some quiet time. Sure, I still had Selah but one versus three is extremely quiet. Besides, these little ones must get their energy out.

Hubs practiced a little Tilt-Shift Photography.

It’s a rare moment when both swings are available.

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Good Friday Goodness 2011

I don’t know what it is, but the kids love to pile in our bed in the morning. It doesn’t matter how long they have been awake. At some point (generally during the first diaper change of the day), everyone piles back in the bed.

I love how Selah has Raffe. Schäfer has Sianna’s

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Shifting Gears

It’s still surprising to me that we’re still in Hong Kong. According to Fed Ex, Sianna’s passport will arrive on Friday. We checked just to see if it would arrive today, but it will most definitely arrive on Friday… Good Friday… when everything is closed.

Hubs had to get a work day in today. He

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