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Crafty Computer Day at the Preschool

When Teacher He told us that Saturday was Craft Day at the preschool, we weren’t sure what to do. Hubs already had a commitment and he felt terrible for missing another one of Schäfer’s special activities. The parenting guilt was heavy on both our hearts.

We decided that since Sianna doesn’t like people, she would go with Hubs and sit in the Ergo… for a few hours. (Being in the Ergo is Sianna’s most favorite place.)

I would take Selah and Schäfer to the Craft Day because I assumed this would be crafts for Schäfer to make. Selah and I would cheer him from the sideline.

I assumed wrong.

Upon arrival at the preschool, Schäfer sat down at the table and started cutting paper.

Meanwhile, I was handed a cardboard box and told to make Schäfer a sun or a butterfly. Of course, this was super fun for me with Selah in my lap grabbing the scissors!

I looked around to see all of the parents making the crafts for their children! Huh?

The end result was this Orion Pie butterfly with its wings upside down and a very hungry baby.

It looks as though Luo Shi Rui is smurking at Schäfer’s butterfly.

Pu You Ran with her Children’s Day certificate and dramatic sunshine compliments of her Mommy’s craftsmanship.

Oh well. Selah liked my I’m-working-with-one-hand butterfly.

After the butterfly was complete and the Children’s Day certificate was received, we were told to go upstairs for more fun. When we got there we found the entire cafeteria filled with little computers.

Oh. My. Word. The craft was just a diversion to get us to sit through this infomercial.

I called Hubs immediately to put his mind at ease and release any guilt he might be feeling. I can’t believe we were going to change Hubs schedule so that he could come!

For 1200rmb ($185), they wanted me to buy Schäfer this Pleasant Goat computer filled with “educational games”. (Apparently, they don’t know that starfall is free!)

This computer was strategically offered just before Children’s day – a time when parents traditionally buy their child a nice gift.

Schäfer kept touching the screen and tried to work it like an iPhone. When he was told to use the knob and mouse, he was ready to go home.

It’s as if he was saying, “Mommy, I’ll just wait for the iPad to come down in price.” (Hubs was so proud.)

On our way out, Schäfer scored a free tub of playdough which entertained him for the rest of the morning.

2 comments to Crafty Computer Day at the Preschool

  • Sarah

    Got some great laughs from your post! For the record I think you should have gotten the award for “Best Butterfly Created With a Baby in Your Lap.” But I guess there would not have been much competition for that one! 🙂 Blessings to you all!! Sarah

  • jdavis2

    bless your heart. so sorry about the unneeded stress… but grateful for you to have time with schafer… even if it was a bit touch-and-go with the hungry baby.
    love the playdough.
    now, if only he could find a way to earn his ipad money.

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