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Family of 5 Bike Ride

On Saturday evening, we found ourselves with some free time + good weather. We decided it was time for our entire family to go on a bike ride. Selah isn’t big enough to sit in the iBert, so she got strapped on my back. Selah enjoyed the side view in between snoozes.

Schäfer was happy to be on his wheels.

Hubs and Schäfer occasionally would break out in races to the next tree.

I just love to be close to her when we are riding bikes! It’s hard to imagine Sianna sitting in the back and Selah sitting in the front.

After a long ride, Hubs treated our entire family to popsicles which sounds like a big splurge, but it was less than $1 – total. Schäfer had the haw popsicle. Sianna had the milk flavor.

I went for the haw while Hubs had the chocolate hazelnut. The winner of the bunch was definitely the haw. It’s just so fruity and tart.

The kids love to share.

Neither of them mind one bit.

6 wheels.
5 seats.
3 bikes.
1 wonderful afternoon.

2 comments to Family of 5 Bike Ride

  • jdavis2

    awesome! absolutely love the pictures (especially the sharing pics)! the kiddos look so happy… and so do you! ahhh… miss you guys!
    btw: schafer’s looking quite competent these days… and i love sianna’s dress (so precious) and selah, she’s certainly a cutie, even hidden in the ergo!
    we love you guys.
    from a family with 2 sprouts. 3 bikes. 3 bike seats. 2 ergos.

  • What a fun day. No helmets in China? Only a buck for all those popsicles? Yum.

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