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Happy Dog Park

On Tuesday, 05.31, the preschool hosted the annual Children’s Day performance. This performance is a BIG DEAL and the students have been preparing all spring semester.

The preschool had the performance a day early because they are taking Children’s Day (June 1st) as a holiday.

Just like all the parents, we came to watch, take photos and video.

Schäfer waited for his turn with Classroom Aide Li.

Schäfer’s class had two performances. The first was a fashion show. The students wore crazy clothes (most of them with CD’s tied on them), walked down a runway and struck a pose which generally included a hand making the shape of a gun cocked sideways.

Thank goodness Schäfer wasn’t in that.

He was in the “Gou Gou Le Yuan” or Happy Dog Park which was a simple song with motions.

Schäfer was so proud that we were all there to see him perform. (Hubs was seriously tempted to lend some of his theatrical make-up skills to help fix things.)


Schäfer was in the back row probably because he doesn’t come in the afternoon so the teachers thought he couldn’t perform Happy Dog Park as well as the others. (I liked the fact that Schäfer was put in the back row.)

We were so proud of him!

Happy Dog Park from on Vimeo.

Hubs gave Schäfer a sucker for doing such a good job during the performance. We took his photo with He Laoshi. (His favorite teacher.)

After sitting all morning waiting for their performance turn, Schäfer and Luo Shi Rui practiced their kung fu.

Hubs told Schäfer, “Good Job!”

I told Schäfer my favorite part was when they wagged their ears. He performed that part again for me. Loved it.

Sianna scored a sucker for endurance. Oh my. She sat for a long time before her GeGe hit the stage.

Next year, I must bring more snacks, stickers, water, coloring pages and toys.

He was very happy.

Selah mostly enjoyed sitting, playing with her toes, nursing upon occasion and watching her GeGe perform.

She was happy to be along for the ride.

Aren’t we all?

1 comment to Happy Dog Park

  • jdavis2

    this post was put up JUST IN TIME! today was sterling’s 1st performance… and by watching this i was a bit more prepared (than jarod who did not see it) when i encountered sterling in make-up! haha! again, thanks for sharing life with us!
    wag-wag schafer!!!
    p.s. the pics of the girls made me happy too =)

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