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June Wrap-Up

06.26.11 While the guys climbed Mt. Lu, I kept the girls at home. Hubs and I discussed Ergo-ing the girls up Mt. Lu, but we decided that they were just too young to enjoy it.

We made the right decision. On June 26th, Selah’s first tooth broke through. It was a dramatic time. Selah

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Schäfer climbs Mt. Lu!

The American students had a few spare days so I (Shorel) led them on a mountain retreat. I also took the opportunity to let Schäfer make his first ascent.

For the most part Schäfer did quite well, happily climbing up the stairs with his unlimited energy.

He looks ready to tackle anything in

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Hello Gary!

We got home from Hong Kong and had one night of sleep in our own beds before heading back to Nanchang. Gary, from Hubs university host family, was coming to Nanchang to visit us for the evening. What an incredible surprise!

We arrived a couple of hours earlier than necessary so the kids could

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Typhoon Free day at Disney

It was an unusually cool day in Hong Kong. There was a typhoon warning, but we decided to go ahead and let the kids run around at Disneyland before we hop on the night train back to JiuJiang.

At the gate, the Disney employees warned us that it was suppose to rain so many

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Immunizations and a possible typhoon

Our train arrived in Shenzhen at 5:30am this morning. The border crossing opens at 6:30am. I was amazed at how easily we made it through passport control. I’m so thankful everyone in our family is on the same kind of passport!

Once through customs, we rode the KCR to the apartment as we were

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It’s that time again… immunizations!

After one night of sleep in my own bed, it was time to hit the road again. Selah and Sianna were due for their next round of immunizations.

I couldn’t imagine going to humid Hong Kong with such long hair on Schäfer.

Nothing says summer like a buzz haircut.

It seems like

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