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Children’s Day 2011

June 1st is a great day to be a kid in China. It’s Children’s Day! So take a break from preschool, go ride rides at the local park, and pick out a balloon on your way home. Congratulations! You’re a kid who lives in China!

The morning began with Ayi bringing the kids 5 fish.
Oh my. We weren’t planning on having pets in our home just yet.
No worries, 4 died before bedtime.

After a nice breakfast of baked oatmeal, we decided to go down to Gan Tang Park and let the kids ride a few rides.

When we got to the park, there were pet vendors everywhere. I gave thanks that Ayi didn’t show up with a bunny this morning.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought about treating the kids to a ride at Gan Tang Park. Seriously, it was wall-to-wall people and screaming children. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy 1st Children’s Day Selah! This is the only photo I got of her today. She stayed snuggled up in the Ergo the entire time we were at the park.

Schäfer was given the option of three rides or two rides and a balloon. He chose the later.

For his first ride, he and Hubs rode on a track in a little circle.

Sianna waited with me while big brother rode his ride.

Then, Sianna chose to ride the carousel. Well, I said, “Do you want to ride the carousel?” and she shook her head. All of the massive crowds made Sianna kind of glaze over.

Schäfer’s second ride was a mini Thunder Mountain. Very mini. The line was as long as an opening day ride at Disney toss in no order and lots of pushing. Hubs had a blast!

He’s always up for fun!

Schäfer selected this helicopter balloon, which didn’t make it home. Schäfer twisted the rotor and it sprung a leak. He was quite disappointed.

Sianna chose an orange tiger. It lasted for days.

We came home for a simple lunch and naps. After naps we read books until time to chow down on our Mexican meal. Now we’re celebrating!

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